Sunday, August 16, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #145

 First Day Back to Art Teacherin' with Kidz!: So last week, we teachers returned to school for, ya know, teachery stuff but this week, the kids came back! I wanted to start the week with a BANG! and a POW! and most def a POP! so I wore this lil number. By the way, I share entirely too much on instagram as well, fyi-ness.  dress: made by me, influenced by Lichtensteiny; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; scarf: vintage, thrifted; shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Happy end-o-the-week to you, my friends! This past week actually felt like two combined, it was so stinkin' full and busy. School starting back has meant many o' thing for me which I shall explain to you in Twin Peaks gifs:

1.  I can no longer stay up until midnight or beyond. The sadness, y'all. Donna knows how I feel, doncha Donna?
2. The only way I can be lured outta my comatose like state of sleep is the promise of a big fat brekkie. But seriously, tho, coffee would be so much better outta one of those cups. Hook a girl up, Agent Cooper!
3. Committing to leave school at a decent time so's to get on with my stretchy-pants time! Honestly, I'm only sharing this gif because Shelly is so stinkin' cute and I wanna be just like her. 
Anyone know of any diners hiring? Preferably ones with super cute uniforms, please.

In other news, I've heard from so many of you via email with photos of what YOU wore your first week back to school for my contest with School Arts Magazine! Thank you! I'm still accepting photos (it didn't HAVE to be your first day back, any ole time you look artsy and fun works for me) until Labor Day. Just send those photos on over to You'll be featured here in a blog post after Labor Day AND possibly featured in School Arts Magazine! So, get dolled up and send me a snap, would ya? 

AND, I'll be back tomorrow with the finale of the Artsy Sew Along! So, I'll chat with all y'all soon!
 I don't think I ever did a blog post on this jacket tho I made it at the same time as the dress. I did add those dots with bleach which was a super smelly good time. Nothing clears out the nasal passages and kills a handful of braincells like good ole bleach.
 Exhausted-Already Tuesday: Seriously?! Time to double down on some vitamins or start consuming triple shots of my Red Bull/espresso/Diet Coke cocktail (jk, y'all. I've actually never had a Red Bull and I kicked that nasty DC habit a coupla years ago when I realized that the saccharine was slowly eating away at my tiny brain). Suriouzly, tho. I need to build back up my up-and-at-'em endurance because by Tuez, I was down for the coutn. OH!! And thank you so much for all of the feedback for this Back to School blog post, I love y'all! dress: I love the Matisse-y print on this vintage number I found on etsy; belt: Amazon; shoes: Anthro
 Best Dress Evers Wednesday: I found this dress while doing my nightly trolling of art teacher garb and I just had to have it because, A. It has a pencil print! (see below for details) and B. It looks like a 1950's diner dress and, growing up, I loved watching Alice reruns. Flo was my fave, of course. You can find this lovely dress (and many more!) here. shoes: Shoe Carnival
 I mean, riiiiiight?! 
 Oh, Thursday, I thought you were Friday!: Yeah. So, that happened. Which, as you know, is never a good sign. By the way, whoever suggested putting tape around my demo table after this blog post, THANK YOU! I did it and it was magical. I just can't thank you enough. telephone blouse and skirt: both Anthro, both found at Buffalo Exchange; sweater: thrifted; shoes: Clarks
Helllllo, Friday!: I hope y'all have had the most magical weekend ever! Mine entailed everything I could ever ask for: staying in my pajamas until it was time to get fancy and go out to dinner. Ah, perfection! top: thrifted; skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; belt: amazon; shoes: Swedish Hasbeens
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  1. Girl, those peep-toe Tuesday shoes, Bye.

  2. Love love love the POP comic words outfit!!! Can you send me links to any past posts on time-saving grading tips ?

  3. Oh, that is a great idea about the tape around the demo table! I will have to try it: it is so frustrating when some classes cannot seem to stand next to each other for demo time without pushing, shoving and frequently exclaiming, "I can't seeeeeee!" ha ha (smh)

  4. I am putting tape around my demo table tomorrow! That is absolutely genius.

    1. It is!! I tooootally didn't think of it but I'm thrilled someone suggested it!

  5. Anonymous8/23/2015

    Tape around the demo table! I can't wait to try this. Great idea!

  6. Your are inspiring with your beautiful outfits every day! I can't compete with that, but I try to dress in themes weekly! I played with the idea a few times before but feel I could be more committed with pics this year (of clothes, not necessarily me.) last week was shift dresses, this week, maxi dresses and cardy, next week paisley prints, etc. I think I even have a copy cat at school now too.
    Let me know if this might be of interest.


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