Sunday, September 12, 2021

Painting with Kindergarten!

Painting with kindergarten can be a daunting task...especially if you approach it at the beginning of the school year. My kindergarten recently completed these paintings on their second week of school. The goal of this lesson is simply to teach my painting procedures: how we hold our brush, the parts of the paintbrush, how we dip for our paint, what to do if the paint drips, how to clean our brush between colors and how to clean up when class is over. Oh, and have fun! Those are the main objectives for this lesson. I started doing this lesson last year with squares of paper and a sticker in the center as a guide for students to paint around (see below). This year, I decided to have them paint on 14" cardboard pizza rounds (found at Gordan Food Services) and I love how they turned out. 

Here's a one minute video filled with as many tips for this lesson as I could squeeze in:

And here's our paintings from last you can totally do this on square paper, no pizza rounds needed!
I've created a couple of videos to share with you on this process. However, if you are viewing this blog post from your phone, my videos may not appear. So you may want to hop on over to my YouTube channel (and subscribe cuz why not?!) and see them there. 
One thing I tried when we were printing out dots for Dot Day this year was to create a warm and cool color paint tray. One day the kids used a warm color tray and the next day they swapped with their neighbors for a cool color tray. This allowed the kids to use all of the colors while not muddying up the trays. 

If you need some ideas for Dot Day, check out more blog post here!

Or if you just need a one day activity sheet, pop by here for a free download. 
Wanna see me teaching painting to kindergarten? Well, here's a video. It covers everything I wish to share with my students on painting procedures and routines for their first painting adventure! It's from 2019. 
Have fun!

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