Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Superhero Week: Onomatopoeia Plaques!

Yesterday was so much fun as we created Onomatopoeia Plaques! And, if you didn't have the supplies to create the clay version, don't you worry. I also shared how to make block letters to create a plaque with paper! Here's the list of suggested supplies:
 And here's yesterday's lesson:
If you want to create with us today, we are making Super Pop Up Cards! The supplies are simple. Below is the list. You can catch me LIVE on my Facebook or on my Instagram at 11am CT. Or you can watch later on YouTube. Be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel as I'm dropping additional videos to my live art classes. 
See you real soon!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Superhero Week: Superhero Selfie!

Yesterday was our first day in Superhero Week and it was so much fun! We had so many artists join in LIVE both on my Facebook and my Instagram that it made me so stinkin' happy. I'm thrilled that so many of you all are enjoying our Art Class with Cassie time together!
If you missed our Superhero Selfie adventures, not to worry! Above is the list of supplies and here's the video:
Want to join the fun today? Here's the list of supplies! If you click the links above, you can find me on Facebook or Instagram. Also, be sure and subscribe to my YouTube channel as new videos are dropped almost every day!

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Sunday, April 5, 2020

Superhero Week!

I really cannot believe that I am heading into the fourth week of home-based art class! I have so enjoyed teaching those of you who have been joining in. This week I'm excited to share that our theme is Superheroes! Before I go any further, in case you missed Robot Week, Zany Scientist Week or Pirate Week, just click the highlighted word and head straight there for fun projects with video! 
Tomorrow, we'll kick things off with a Superhero Selfie! Any supplies you might not have, don't worry. I always share ways to make do with what you've got. 
 Who doesn't love a good onomatopoeia?! We'll make these with our favorite air dry clay recipe that we've used the last couple of weeks. Don't have the supplies? No problem, we can still make these plaques with paper and glue!
Be thinking of a word that makes a sound!
Let's make a pop-up card for a special superhero in your life! making pop up cards is highly addictive so get ready to become a little card making factory of fun!
Got toilet paper tubes? Well then you have the start of Thursday's project!
Be thinking about what three colors could be represent you as a superhero! 
To end our week of superhero goodness, we'll create our very own miniature comic book all! As superheroes.
 It's gonna be action-packed, y'all! 
To join the fun, you can catch me LIVE on my Facebook page or my Instagram. Or watch afterward on my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe as new art videos are dropped almost every day!

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Pirate Week: Alligator Puppet and a Weekly Wrap Up!

Wow! I don't know about you, but Pirate Week was an absolute blast! So many of you joined the fun that I loved seeing photos of you and your children creating along with me. It means the world to me. Thank you so much for sharing! In case you missed out on making your own Alligator Puppet, here's the list of supplies you'll need:
And here's the how-to video:
In case you missed any of our Pirate Week adventures, I thought I'd do a recap of all of our projects here! I'll be sharing the videos here but if you want a list of supplies, you can check out this blog post.

There's what we created on Thursday...a crowd favorite: Treasure Maps!
I brought back the Salt Dough Clay recipe because it was such a hit during Zany Scientist Week. With it, we created the details on our Treasure Chest!
We constructed a Pirate Ship Collage with materials found around the home:
And we even drew ourselves as pirates when we created this Wanted Pirate Poster!
I'll be going LIVE again this week for...Superhero Week! Stay tuned for the projects I have lined up for us, I'll be posting later on today. You can catch me LIVE here on Facebook or on Instagram. You can also catch me later on my YouTube channel.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Pirate Week: Treasure Maps

Yesterday was so much fun on our Pirate Week adventure as we created Hidden Treasure Maps!
 The Art Class with Cassie kids really seemed to love this one as I got so many emails and messages of kids and their maps. They arrrrrre rockin' Pirate Week! In case you missed it, no worries, here is the list of supplies we used:

Today is our last day of Pirate Week! I cannot even believe it, where did the time go? Today we'll be making a puppet version of our very favorite friend, Allie Gator! You've seen him all week, now let's try our hand at making our own. Here are the supplies:

If you wish to join me LIVE you can do so on my Facebook page or my Instagram. And if you miss, don't worry! All videos go to my YouTube channel the following day. Be sure and subscribe because new videos are dropped almost daily! See you soon. 
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Thursday, April 2, 2020

PIrate Week: Treasure Box with Coins

Yesterday we had a wild time creating not one but TWO art projects! That's right, we created both a treasure box and made salt dough clay to create the decorations and coins for our box. Here's the video:
Here's the list of supplies we used:
For today's LIVE art class, you'll need to grab the following:

You can join me LIVE on my Facebookmy Instagram or catch me later on my YouTube channel. New videos are uploaded almost DAILY so if you are interested, you might want to subscribe! 

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Toilet Paper Tube Knitting!

Hey, y'all! The other day I shared a blog post titled Toilet Paper Tube Crafts and it was wildly popular! It made me recall another favorite craft involving the lowly toilet paper tube and that's making a Nifty Knitting Tube! Here's a three minute video to show you how:
All you'll need is a tube, some popsicle sticks, tape, scissors and yarn. That's it! For a loose knit, use only four sticks. For a tighter knit, try using six.
If interested, this is just one of the 44 stitch and string projects from my book! Have fun :)
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Pirate Week: Pirate Ship Collage

Our pirate-y adventures continued yesterday when we made this fun Pirate Ship Collage!
 If you missed out on the fun, don't you worry! You can watch the video right here. Below is a list of the supplies we used. 
This one is so fun and you can use a lot of recycled materials from around your home! 

If you wish to join us live today, that would be awesome! Below is the list of supplies needed. You can join me on my Facebook page or my Instagram for the live stream. 

Want more art makin' fun? Then you might want to subscribe to my YouTube channel! I'm uploading new videos almost daily. 

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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pirate Week: Wanted Pirate Poster!

Ahoy, mateys! In case you missed yesterday's live art class, here you go! We had so much fun making Wanted Pirate Posters. Here's what you'll need:
And here's the video so you can create your very own Wanted Pirate Poster!
In case you need more ideas on how to draw your pirate or if you'd like a Pirate Coloring Sheet, be sure and visit here.
 If you need a little help coming up with your pirate name, I created these two What's Your Pirate Name?! sheets just for you!
 And if you wish to join today, Tuesday, March 31st at 11am CT, here's what you'll need:
I go LIVE on my Facebook page and my Instagram. All videos go to my YouTube channel later in the day so be sure to subscribe to see! 

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pirate Week!

I hope you Pirates are as excited as I am about Pirate Week! We are going into our third week of themed home-based creating and I am loving it! In case you missed, we've done Robot Week and Zany Scientist Week. All of those videos you can now catch on my YouTube channel. More are added all the time so I would encourage you to subscribe! 

Once again, we are keeping the supplies simple. Most days we are just using household items. So that you can scavenge around for them like a true pirate, I'm including the list of supplies for each day this week! 

When I go LIVE, I do so on Facebook and Instagram. You can find me there, each weekday at 11am CT. 

If you know of ANYONE who would like to join, please know that this is absolutely free. Anyone is able to be apart of the creatin' fun. Art teachers, feel free to add this to your list of creative activities your students can do at home. Our kids are currently left with a lot of time on their hands. Let's fill their days with a bit of normalcy and FUN! Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to get the word out, it means the world to me and our creative kiddos. 
On Monday, we'll be drawing Wanted Pirate Posters! To get those creative juices flowing, I created not one but TWO coloring sheets! You can find them here and here

Just for fun, I created these What's Your Pirate Name sheets. You can use these any ole time but we'll definitely be taking a look at them on Monday! Of course, coming up with your own name is most of the fun!

Tuesday's activity is going to be all about recycling as we use a toilet paper tube and a cereal box as our main creating source!
Last week, making our own clay was a HUGE hit! If you want to make your clay in advance or find out more, just hop over here! 
The most fun in making your own treasure map is making it look old when you are finished. For that you can use a cup of coffee or tea. I used my cold cup of morning coffee and it worked great. 

I love making puppets, they are so much fun. And this one is a simple puppet that can actually be transformed into so many things. We'll be making a Crocodile Puppet with ours!

And here's the daily lineup! I hope to see you there. 

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