Friday, November 30, 2018

In the Art Room: Jen Aranyi Inspired Landscapes

Working on a fun new landscape lesson with my third grade kiddos that I'm so excited about, I just had to share...even if we have not finished them yet! We are learning about the artist Jen Aranyi who I discovered on Instagram and I LOVE. Turns out, so do my students! They are so excited about this project. 

We are working on cardboard pizza rounds that I have purchased from Amazon, Gordon Food Services and any restaurant supply place. I usually get a box of 100 for $20. They come in a couple different sizes and I let my kids decide if they wanted a large 14" circle or a smaller 10" one. 

Unlike the video, I actually had my kiddos use a pencil and THIS DRAWING SHEET first. Having this sheet really helped serve as a reminder for my kids after I'd gone thru the landscape directions. They drew in pencil first and then traced with Sharpie. Next week, we'll start the watercolor skies!

Here's the video I created just for you and my kids! Feel free to use in your art teacherin' world. Be sure to take Jen and I on IG when you do this lesson with you students. We would love to see!
Thank you to Jen Aranyi for her sweet words and support about this project. Her work is simply wonderful. Be sure and check her out!
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  1. Hi Cassie! Amazing artist and amazing project ideas as ever! Question: are the pizza rounds you purchase slick on top? I am looking online and curious if the liquid watercolors kinda slide off and don't stick (I didn't watch video yet, so I am assuming that's what paint you use.) Thanks a million for all you do for the art teacherin' community! We love you!

    1. Anonymous2/15/2019

      I found some uncoated ones on Amazon - just be sure you put that in your search.

  2. This is great! Going to try this with my kids. Love the color contrast, lines and space. Love it!

  3. Thank you so much for all your wonderful resources! I’m in my first year of teaching and your helping me keep a float! Keep being awesome!!

  4. So beautiful. I will be doing this with my 3rd graders. If you are able, could you share what watercolors you were using?

  5. Do you have your kids paint on the cardboard or are you using these as tracers?

  6. thank you for this!! going to try this with my middle schoolers!

  7. Cassie these are fabulous ... what did you prep the surface with ... it looks like it’s primed.

  8. Awesome lesson! How are you planning on displaying these? Thanks!

  9. I'm thinking of using plates (the plates that then we can weave using one of your other projects). Do you think the plates will soak up too much of the paint?

  10. I'd like to do this, but don't have the pizza rounds. Do you think it would still work with water colour paper?

  11. My students (Year 4s in South Australia) absolutely loved this art lesson today! Thank you!


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