Saturday, June 5, 2010

Spinning Top

You know you are surrounded by die-hard fans when people start throwin' their underwear at the Star Wars characters...and the underwear happen to be mens briefs. 

I'm feeling a little dizzy. Been saying Yes! Let's do it! and Oh! Count me in! to one too many things lately. I feel like a spinning top, whirling around, trying to do more and more while going faster and faster.
Chewbacca attempting to autograph some kids hat which is difficult when you have furry man hands. At least that is what I'm told. I wouldn't know as I have the delicate hands of a lady. Except for that wicked middle finger which has a mind of it's own.

Don't get me wrong, it's all been great fun. Like Star Wars weekend with hubs, going to see Chihuly with some girlfriends, hosting an art party this time with kids and without grown-up drinks (which may or may not have helped us all) ... and all that in a week's time. Yeah, that's a lot. Now you see why I'm dizzy.
Can you tell I  like this project? The end result is just amazing. I think I'll kick off the school year with a similar project, now that I've got this lesson perfected.

 And while I love having fun things to do, it's when I try doing too much I hit spinning top mode: crashing into things and making huge messes while wobbling out of control. So, I'm going to slow down. Focus. Lock myself in my craft room and make stuff.
The Loft at Henpeck Market. I now have belts in this great shop. If you have never been you must go -- it is a country grocery store and restaurant on the first level (the look that Cracker Barrel attempts) and the most surprisingly big and fun shop on the second level. I am in the best part of the Loft: Jondie Boutique!

Because I've got plenty of work to do. Turns out that I've not only been saying count me in to friends, but other belt-related stuff too. Eek! Much to do!
All of which I plan to do...right after returning from this place: Sandestin, Florida. I've never been. Usually our Florida encounters involve theme parks but not beaches. I'm very excited. And a little nervous. I'm going with a group of pals from school...and I keep hearing this voice-over in my head:

This is the true story... of seven strangers... picked to live in a together and have their lives taped... to find out what happens... when people stop being polite... and start getting real...The Real World.

Yeah, I think we'll pass on the "lives taped" portion of Sandestin: The Real World. No one needs to see this spinning top in a bikini!


  1. Have a great time with your friends Cassie! Remember what happens in Sandestin, stays in Sandestin!!

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