Saturday, December 22, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #47

Green and White Monday: Just a matter of days before break. And so much to do! dress: thrifted, Target; sweater: thrifted, Ann Taylor; tights: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina; feather belt; Pinkyotto

For the next 16 days, I am a free woman. No more washing paint brushes over a sink that never drains; no more scrambling to prepare the paint, paper, brushes, glue, and the baby wipes to clean it all up with for the nine classes that rotate in and outta my room daily; and no more saying, "Puh-LEASE get a tissue and DO NOT put that in your mouth!" At least for the next coupla weeks. By then, I'm sure to be missing it all. Except for maybe that last part.

And since I'm completely and utterly in vacay mode, I've got no fine art or art history to share with you this week. What I do have are all of these super sweet Christmas images I've been pinning away on pinterest. Which have somehow subconsciously influenced my wardrobe choices for this week. I thought the resemblances were rather uncanny and just had to share them. I hope you enjoy!

I hope to be back before Christmas with a post of what my crafty kindergarteners created for their families for the holidays. Until then, get that last minute shopping done, spend time with those you love and eat too much sweet stuff. Happy Holidays!
Cuckoo Tuesday: My second graders are working so hard on their cuckoo clocks...but not nearly as hard as I had to when I put the sleeves in this dress. Look, I'm just sayin'. Time does not heal all sleeve-putting-in wounds. dress: made by moi; fishnets and tights: Target; shoes: Softt

Mrs. Claus Wednesday: The above side-to-side image shows what I looked like on the left and what I WISH I looked like on the right. Especially those Mrs. Claus boots. I think I need them in my life. dress: vintage; belt: borrowed from circle skirt by Pinup Girl
Oh Gnome You Didn't! Thursday: Oh, yes, I did. I finished my Gnome for the Holidays dress! I cannot wait to share it (and my countless struggles) in an upcoming post. And don't you just love this quirky image on the right? Alien Santa has four arms! gnome dress: me; tights: Target; shoes: Fluevog

Reindeer Bun Head/Light Up Dress Friday: A sweet coworker showed me this image of a sock bun Rudolph Thursday afternoon and I just knew I had to attempt it on Friday. Mine is an absolute disaster but the kids loved it. dress and belt: light up Christmas dress, made by me; tights: Target; sweater: thrifted

I know, it looks so much like Rudolph it's just bizarre, isn't it?! My apologies, Rudolph. I hope you'll still guide that sleigh to my pad on Christmas eve!


  1. Loving the vintage cards and your look-alike looks! Rock around that Christmas tree and have a fabulous holiday! Thanks for all your great posts this year.

  2. Anonymous12/23/2012

    OMGosh! So many cute Christmas outfits! I love the Mrs. Claus and Gnome for the Holidays dresses :) You have totally inspired me to sew my own fabulous holiday garments.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I want every outfit please!! esp that gnome dress...and that first one...darn they are all so CUTE!! Merry HOlidays to you Cassie;)


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