Sunday, June 9, 2013

DIY: Star Wars Weekends

So right after updating my profile pic on facebook with this here picture, I accused someone of being a "super dork". Yeah. I suppose those that live in glass houses full of Star Wars dresses shouldn't throw stones.
Last week, hubs and I returned from what's become our annual trip to Star Wars Weekends at Hollywood Studios, Disney World. And, like years past, it was a total blast. Even if you're not a Star Wars junkie (on a scale of 1-10, I'd only give us a 6), it's still a great time. There's photo ops with the major stars (I've yet to get one with Chewy or Vader as the line's just a pinch too long for me) and autograph signings with actors from the films. One of my favorite parts are the chats led by some of the actors from the films and The Clone Wars. 

Even if you skipped all that, the parade and the dance off between the Good Guys and the Dark Side are worth the price of admission. Seriously. We wouldn't go every year if it wasn't just the best thing ever. I thought I'd share with you a mishmash of parade photos and photo ops. Sadly, I believe today was the last day until next year. You should really go. And if you do, lemme know. We'll compare goofy outfits!
It turns out if you don't refer to 'em as Sand People but Tusken Raiders, they'll stop doing aerobics with their cane and smile for the camera. Dude, is it just me or do these guys remind anyone else of a visit to the eye doctor? I feel like I should put my eyes up to those metal tubes and read the bottom row of letters...which I did. It said: S T E P A W A Y C R A Z Y.
I took the finger pointing to mean "Hey, you! In the obviously homemade dress! Come see me for a photo op later!" Wow. So angry. Couldn't have squeezed a please in there somewhere?

And then, like every guy I ever went on a first date with, he pretended not to know me. C'mon, it's me! Homemade dress...goofy hat...I screamed, "I wanna have your clone baby!" ...ring a bell?
(Leaning back as far as possible), "Oh yeah. You. Hey someone, anyone, get her off me! Seriously. I just had this suit cleaned and now it's covered in crazy."

Chewy is always the crowd fave. Except at the Denver airport, it seems. Did you hear about this? Apparently Peter Mayhew, the actor who played Chewbacca, was in Denver for Comic Con. At the airport, security confiscated his customized lightsaber cane (he's 7'2", 69 and has a bum knee. Dude needs his cane). It wasn't until he tweeted to his 22,000 followers about his treatment that American Airlines stepped in and got his cane through security. Can you believe that? More here, if you are interested.

Such a shiny mane. I wonder what conditioner he uses.
During the parade, not only do the Star Wars characters come out but so do their Disney Doppelgangers. I'm in love with Goofy Vader's boxers, personally.

Each year I'm so inspired by the others who decide to dress up, especially when they are as cute as this trio. Look at wee C3PO givin' it to Lord Vader. Do it, gurl.
So this Jawa was super excited about my dress. It kept pointing at it and then proceeded to dance. My heart told me to join in but my head told me no. Actually it said, "you can't dance, remember, please don't embarrass yourself more than normal...oh no, you're dancing aren't you!?" Brain face palm.

Okay, remember how I said I liked Goofy's briefs? I think I dig this Gamorrean's better. By the way, General Ackbar, why didn't you tell me this guy was gonna pull an ax on me?!
"I did tell you, it's a trap!"
In the old Hollywood area of Hollywood Studios, they have vintage cars on display. Kinda took my vibe from Mad Men to gangster, dontcha think?


  1. You are such a cool art teacher!

    1. Well, I dunno about that but I do like to have a geeked out good time ;) Thanks for reading!


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