Sunday, January 26, 2014

What the Art Teacher Wore #87

A Relaxed Kinda Monday: I loved my Monday off. I spent the day shopping with a good buddy and devouring sushi with a my ole student teacher. I'd do that everyday if I could. dress and sweater: Anthro label picked up at a second hand shop; tights: Target; boots: Frye, bought at a second hand shop
I don't know how ya'll spent your Saturday, but I spent mine chillin' out and chatting with over 1000 art educators. At my mother-in-laws. In Birmingham. Whilst wearing my pajamas. 

No, moms-in-law and I weren't hosting some sort of Art Teacher PJ Party (although that does sound like a rip-roarin' good time), I was attending The Art of Education's 2014 Winter Conference! It was such an amazing day with so many presenters and so much information that my little head is still spinning. Thankfully, Jessica of The Art of Education has allowed attendees access to the presentations so that I can go back and watch what I might have missed. 

Did ya'll attend? What are you excited to try in your art room? Me, I just went out and bought 10 dry erase boards today to use as free draw and sketching as was suggested by Art Teachers Hate Glitter...genius!

Now if you happen to have found me and this blog after viewing my (painfully goofy) presentation on Saturday, welcome! On this here blog, I try to share a DIY project, an update of what's happening in the art room and a wrap-up of my weekly outfits (along with a featured artist) each week. To keep up with all that crazy, you can find me on facebook here.

Also, if you're into reading books and drawing pictures and chatting with other artsy peeps, you might consider joining in on our Artsy Book Club! We will be drawing our way through the book One Drawing a Day by Veronica Lawlor. Our start date is next Monday, February 3rd but you can join the fun and begin creating any ole time.

To set the mood for our upcoming drawing adventure, and because he's the Artist of the Month in the art room, I thought I'd share drawings from Vincent van Gogh...
Self-Portrait 1887 oil on panel ...who, with his read beard and long skinny nose kinda resembles my hubs. Although, not gonna lie, van Gogh actually looks a little less hobo than my man. But whatcha gonna do. So, ya'll know the sad story of van Gogh's life, right? He became an artist in his late 20's after trying his hand at selling art (which his brother Theo was successful at doing), teaching and preaching. I have a feeling his manic personality frightened many and prevented his success at those chosen careers. So he decided to pursue his childhood passion of art.
1888 Fishing Boats at Sea pen & ink...looking at these drawings, you have to admit, van Gogh was a master mark-maker. I cannot believe the amount of depth and value he's able to create in this sketch with just pen and ink. Looking at his paintings, I don't often think of van Gogh's work as detailed and intricate...but looking at this drawing makes me think differently.
Tuesday: I haven't a clue what we did on this day, isn't that the saddest thing ever? I've started keeping a little book where I write a couple of sentences of what happened that day...but that would mean I'd have to get off the couch, find said book and read what happened. And there's currently a cat planted on my I'm not going anywheres. dotted sweater: thrifted; dotted shirt: Old Navy; skirt and shoes: Anthro; dotted tights: Target

Two Hands and Peasant Woman Stooping and Gleaning black chalk on I've read that when van Gogh initially decided to become an artist, he took tons of drawing classes and just drew continuously. It's amazing when you look at a body of his work, his drawing improves drastically. I'm hoping that the same will happen to me during the course of our drawing book.

Wednesday, Already?: The lovely thing about a short week is that it's, well, short. sweater: Anthro, picked up second hand; skirt: J.Crew, very old; tights: Target; shoes: Anthro
1884-85 Head of a Young Man with a Pipe pencil...I love his portraits. They remind me of Alice Neel's work. And I love her stuff.
Sunflowery Thursday: On this day after school, a buddy and I drove to Nashville's art museum, The Frist Center for Visual arts to drop off student masterpieces! It's always an exciting time for the kids. I have 10 students whose work will be on display there and I know they couldn't be more excited. sweater: DIY here; dress: vintage, thrifted; tights: amazon; shoes: Anthro

1888 Arles, View from the Wheat Field pen & ink...again with that off-the-chain amazing mark-making. There's so much going on in this drawing and he's able to capture it all. Nutz.
Feelin' Snippy Friday: Okay, art teachers...isn't this the best dress ever?! I wish I could take credit for it...I found it on Modcloth a week or so ago in their sale section. Sadly, it's no longer there. But I do think it could easily be replicated. It's a sweatshirt so it's just about the coziest thing ever. dress: Modcloth; tights: Target; boots: The Walking Company
1888 Fishing Boats at Sea pen & ink...and while the other drawing was so busy, I love all of the feeling of air and space in this piece. It's interesting that by not making marks, he's able to say so much.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love the scissors dress! So Cute!
    Lauren @

    1. I know!! I wish I woulda bought more so that I coulda shared 'em with ya'll! And it's so stinkin' comfy it's kinda ridiculous :)

  2. I was also enjoying all the wonderful art teacher tips on Saturday! I loved the AOE conference! I loved your presentation as well as Andrew's and Ian's. As always I enjoyed your blog post and the cute fun outfits you wear. The scissors dress it Awesome!!!!! A little short for me but I also teach High School.
    I had to laugh the other day when I was clipping my cat and had this crazy pile of cat fur, and I thought about the book you mentioned in one of your felting post...the book I think your mother got you on felting with your cats fur LOL!!! With what I clipped off of Mr Bingley I could have made a whole sweater. So thanks to your blog and that post I had a good laugh!
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Haha! Yes, it was my crazy mom who gave me that book! And now that I'm into felting, I should totally bust it out, maybe it should be our next book club read...for all the crazy cat ladies! I came home from a weekend away to find PILES of fur around the house. Our tabby likes to yank out her hair because she's her human daddy. You have a great week as well :)

  3. Love all your fun outfits! And I LOVE Van Gogh's drawings- It's so easy to spend time with the most famous works, almost to the point of making them cliche. Seeing his drawings is a reminder of the wonderful things to be found in the whole body of an artist's work. Thanks for sharing.

    1. That's true! I do like to see artists sketches and early's like a peak into their diary, don't you think? And who wouldn't love that?!

  4. Love the scissor dress---how cute!! I may have to make a sweatshirt jacket with scissors. Just wanted to mention that Dr. Who (which my children love to watch so I am often subjected to the honor of watching) has an awesome episode about Van Gogh. It made me cry. Anyone who loves his work would probabaly enjoy watching it, if they haven't seen it. Great job Saturday! I really enjoyed your presentation.

    1. Oh, I'll have to see if I can find that Dr. Who episode! My husband watches that show (sci-fi is not my thing unless it's Star Wars) sounds like a good one. Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate the encouragement :)

  5. Christy1/27/2014

    Loved your presentation on Saturday. I knew you would make me laugh . . . and one of my own children tried palming as we watched! You are brilliant. I was wondering if I could be one of your students. :)

    1. Oh, thank you for your kind words, I seriously sweated through two shirts and watched behind winced-closed eyes! Palming is super works great with my kindergarten to get them to chill a little bit...and can last quite a while as long as I can remain calm!

  6. Hello, I've just found your blog, love it. I've added you to my sidebar. Love your dresses. Definitely one to follow.

  7. Hi Cassie,

    Whenever I need a little chuckle in my life, which is often…I zip over to your blog and enjoy your wit, fashion and art demos. I really want to try felting because your sweaters are to die for! I'm a teensy bit afraid because I cannot be trusted with sharp things. Maybe, I can start with something small then work my way up. My question is, how do you pick your clothes for the morning (besides when you have theme days)? Do you set up the night before, or just grab stuff and accessorize around it? You have so many lovely things and I would spend years trying to figure out what to wear with all that choice! Please keep letting us peek into your life!

    Have a great week!



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