Monday, March 24, 2014

In the Art Room: NAEA Convention 2014

That's right, ya'll! I'm peeling' off my layers, kicking' off my boots and heading out to the NAEA (that's National Art Education Association aka Art Teachers Gone Wild) Convention in Sunny San Diego! I've already started packing my bags (all those outfits, you know. A Crazy Art Teacher's gotta look good), writing my sub plans and getting super stoked to meet up with art teacher buddies! I'm so looking forward to this Art Teacher Adventure. 

So, who's going?!

If you are going, just a coupla announcements. First of all, I'd love to meet up you! Many of you lovely readers I've become blogger buddies with and it would totally make my trip if we could get together. One chance for that to happen would be when I present, along with some incredible art educators (I'm sure to have a fan-girl moment, ya'll!), on the Elementary Division Carousel of Learning on Advocacy on Sunday, March 29th, from 9:30 - 10:20am in the Hilton Hotel/Indigo 2014B/Level 2.

My presentation will be about finding your passion (mine's, whether or not I'm fashion-able is still a question although that's not open for debate at this forum. Thank goodness)and how that to use it as your advocacy tool.
Another chance for us to get together would be at the Blogger Meet and Greet hosted by The Art of Ed! This will also be Sunday (so if you see me running frantically in what will most definitely be inappropriate running shoes, hand me a cuppa water and cheer me on) at the AOE Booth, number 310, from 11-12pm. There will be some of your fave art bloggers there (I'm taking my autograph book),  as well as Jessica, the woman behind AOE! You won't wanna miss this event.

 If you can't make it to that, or you'd just like to sit and chat in a more intimate setting, I'll be chillin' out with a cuppa tea and a scone at Starbucks in the Hilton Convention Center on Sunday from 12:30 - 1:30pm. I'd really love to meet and chat with you so be sure to pop in if only for a moment!

This weekend, my super sweet mother-in-law helped me prepare 20 Giveaway Bags for the first visitors to hang with me at Starbucks. You won't wanna miss these, ya'll. I can't tell you what's in the bag...but I can tell you, you'll love it. In case you miss out on that, no worries! For the following 10 visitors, I'll have 10 Copies of My Most Popular Lessons From My Blog. And for the rest of ya, I give free hugs and high fives. Lookin' forward to meeting' ya'll!
Ohhhh, goodie bag goodness. I do believe you'll love the DIY that's inside.

For all my buddies unable to attend, I've got a little surprise for you as well. I'm holding the very first (ahem, drum roll, puhlease)...

Best Dressed Art Teacher Contest!

(disclaimer: "best dressed" in my world has nothing to do with looking "professional". we'll leave that to the math teachers of the world. it means your outfit celebrates all things fun and artsy!)

{disclaimer to the disclaimer: if you are a math teacher and I've offended you, sorry. didn't mean to rumple your bow tie and starchy shirt.)

Rules of the Contest:

Nominate yourself or an art teacher buddy!

Simply send an email to me at with a photo of your best artsy look.

 Please include a short bio about the art teacher and what inspired the look.

Photos and bio will be shared on this blog on April 20th.

Open voting on this blog will end on April 30th and the winner will be announced May 1st!

The winner will receive a magical prize along with an interview on this blog.

So! Even if I don't see you at the convention, I sure hope to see you in my "in box" wearing some amazingly glorious art teacher-y outfit! Have fun getting dolled up!
The rest of you, see you in San Diego!


  1. yo cassie! looking forward to meeting ya. Thanks for the shout out in your recent post too:)

  2. Yeah! I love the goodie bag idea!!! You have put so much into this. It will be great:)

  3. I'm going to be at the Blogger meet & Greet too!! Yippee!

  4. This sounds amazing! I wish I was a teacher so I could join in!

  5. I'm jealous... Have a great time soaking up the beautiful sunshine! Think of all the fun I'm going to be having, filling out the paperwork for my final assessments for my SGO's( due next week), finishing uploading all my evidence for Domain 4 of my annual evaluation ( due next week also) and writing up my last assignment for my Art of Ed class, Showing Student Growth in Art ( due next week also) ( how did everything all get due at the same time!?!) :) I will be looking for updates from the conference take good pics for me! :)

  6. ooh... Look at the buttons!!! I wished I could travel out but there are some restrictions at home -2 little peanuts! One of these days we will meet up and have some tea! :)

  7. How fun! I thought of you when I wore our "birthday pencil skirt" and I may have to send you a picture! Later...


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