Thursday, May 7, 2015

DIY: Kitty Litter Containers to Pattern-y Planters!

Well, hey there, dirt diggers! Allow me and my black thumb of certain plant death to present to you my latest planter creation: Kitty Litter Containers to Patterny Planters! Please don't ask me to refer to these planters as "up-cycled" because just the mere mention of the word "up-cycled" makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my right eye twitch. Maybe it's my severe gag reflex to all things hipster but I just can't sta-hand that word. Tell me I'm not alone, y'all. Surely there's a word that is totes hawt right meow that drives you up the up-cycled wall? I gots to know what it 'tis. While you think on that, I suppose I should return to the blog-tasticness at hand. 
So despite the fact that I'm known in the plant world as a killer of all things lovely and green, I have a habit of giving it a go every single year. Mostly cuz I love painting me some planters. You might recall these flower-y numbers from a coupla years back. 
Or these Day o' the Dead planters I created a couple Halloweenies ago. 
Last weekend, I thought I could use these ole kitty litter containers for some new planters. We have, like, one million of these bad boys cuz my hubs is borderline doomsday preppers and keeps assuring me that we'll need these for water containers when all the hipster zombies start to attack and up-cycle the universe. I stole these from his stash of one million and tossed 'em out into the yard. Cuz I'm classy like that.
Then I went at 'em with my razor blade and removed the tops. I'm tooootally going with a Tiki theme in my art room next year and these are toooootally gonna be up-cycled, er, reused as Tiki mask decor. Although, now that I think about it, they toooootally would make great Tiki bird houses with the openings as the mouth. RIGHT?! I'm like a genius, I know. After those were removed, I drilled holes in the bottom of each planter so the water could drain.
And then I set to painting! I spray painted some of the planters a pencil-y yellow and others a teal-y blue. Once those dried, I busted out some pattern books by my fave retro artists: Alexander Girard, Florence Broadhurst and, of course, Mary Blair. Some of these guys served as inspo while others were copies of patterns created by them. I like to copy the retro-y pattern-y masters, y'all. 
While I don't expect these planters to last beyond the summer (although those floral numbers are several summers old), I did slap a coat of ModPodge on 'em just to preserve them a lil. 
They make me so stinkin' happy everytime I catch a glimpse of them outside my front door. I am completely addicted to patterns, y'all. They rule my universe. 
As for the plants, Ima ask that you "pray for 'em" as they say here in the South. Dear lil baby Jesus, please don't let the Cassie's Black Thumb of Death cast a shadow on this sweet lil flower thang. Amen.
Least you think that I'm gonna keep them on my front steps so no one can visit, I have found a home for each planter in these lil planter thingies near my front door (don't you worry, that one at the bottom is just for show, it has a nice sunny spot elsewheres). Thanks for visiting all y'all up-cyclin' hipsters! 

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  1. Love these! Great idea! Not sure if I could be steady enough to do the zig-zaggy one. But I'd love to give it a go. We recycle these containers all the time!

    1. The good news is that if you "mess" one up, you can just scrub the paint off...or use another container from your stash. We seriously have so many of these, I could be making planters for days :)

  2. Love these! Great idea! Not sure if I could be steady enough to do the zig-zaggy one. But I'd love to give it a go. We recycle these containers all the time!

  3. They are lovely. We don't have kitty litter in plastic here, ours comes in paper sacks :o(

  4. Yup, you are one crafty Macgyver! So pretty!

  5. Double check your "black thumb of death" I am not a TN gardening expert, but the plants you planted look like perennials and cooler weather bloomers that won't keep looking cute all through the hot TN summer. Find annuals and you might have better blooms through to fall. Very cute pots.

  6. Anonymous2/21/2017

    Love these! Going to try some with laundry soap containers :)

  7. Anonymous3/11/2018

    Very creative idea. I have so many of the tall cat litter containers around in our garage, think I will try getting some paint and paint them to put around the deck with some pretty flowers. Wasn't able to figure out what to do with them but now I have an idea thank you!

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