Saturday, March 28, 2020

Zany Scientists! Making Your Own Clay!

Can you believe that Zany Scientist Week is over!? Not to worry if you missed a single day because I'll be sharing all of our art AND science projects right here! Let's start with yesterday's installment where we made our very own clay and then created with it!
Then on Thursday, we created our own beakers and made a Magic Potion which was my favorite experiment we did all week! 
On Wednesday, we created a drawing that exploded before our very eyes! That was so fun. We also did Floating Chalk Prints!
Tuesday we created our very own Thinking Caps before venturing into our experiment:
And on Monday we did Bubble Printing and drew Scientist Selfies!
If you missed ANY of our adventures during Robot Week, you can see them all right here. You might want to subscribe so you don't miss a single episode! 

Next week, our theme is Pirates!! I'm so excited. I'll be sharing with you the list of supplies needed by tomorrow. You can catch me LIVE every weekday at 11am right here on Facebook or here on Instagram!
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