Monday, September 21, 2020

Art Teacherin' in 2020: New Favorite Hacks for the New School Year

Anyone else out there feeling like a first year teacher every single art teacherin' day? ME TOO! Isn't it great?!

(insert yeah-that's-sarcasm face here)

Finally, after nearly two months of the new school year, and my endless changes to how I run my newly formated art room, I feel like I just might have it figured out...knock on wood. Like, all of it. 

Today I thought I'd take you on a little room tour and share some of my fave new hacks for the new school year. 

Now, I know we all have different teaching environments right you'll have to take all of what I share with a salt lick. Some might work for you, some might not. Hopefully I have something that might help you and your students. 

I think now, more than ever, a positive mindset is what our students need and what's going to make these new changes bearable. 

Now, let's take a little tour!
And now for a little bit of a closer look:
My mask on a lanyard makes it so I never misplace it again!
This is my art room at the start of the year with my students at their desks. I HATED it. I felt like a Charlie Brown teacher. I desperately needed them to meet me back on the floor for instruction as we've always done. After chatting with my admin, they agreed that I have the space to make it work. Here's a look at my new set up:
Check out the video to see how all tables, chairs, line up spots and floor spots are numbered to coordinate with the order the classroom teachers have established. 
After the first day of teaching, I was online shopping for a mic. This one has saved my sanity and my voice. 
All my stuff manages to grow legs and walk away because I'm miserable about setting something down and forgetting where I put it. Having a drop spot for all of my stuff has really helped.

Here's to us, y'all. We can do this! 

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