Saturday, February 3, 2018

In the Art Room: Romero Britto-Inspired Hearts in First grade!

Hey, y'all! This blog post is brought to you by my (and my students!) newfavorite things:

* Bingo Dotters (Daubers?) filled with India ink

We had a blast with this lesson. So much so that when I shared on my Instagram, I got lots of questions. I thought I'd create a short video tutorial for your and your kiddos! Here you go:

Please pardon my nasally voice as I'm currently losing a fight with a head cold. I blame the children.
 I have 30 minute art classes with my wee-ones. We managed to crank these out even after watching a video about Britto and reviewing lines, shapes and patterns. I was so loving the direction they were going so far.
 The following art class, we learned all about bleeding tissue paper magic. This had the kids very excited. I encouraged them to use either warm or cold colors in each section. Some did and some didn't. It's first grade, y'all. They do what they want. 

 These hearts are HUGE. We created them on 18" squares. So, by the third art class, some had a little bit more tissue-papering to do and some did not. So I introduced the idea of the paint sticks. I really let the kids do what they wanted in the was a new medium for them and I really wanted to see what they would come up with.
 By our fourth and final 30 minute art class, I still had some kids wrapping up their masterpieces. My early finishers set to work with their paint makers. They added pattern to GIANT hearts that I drew on multi colored bulletin board paper.
 I hot glued their giant hearts together and added them to our heart display!
 Ugh, still need to get some signage up there!
Such a fun lesson, I had to share! Have fun!
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  1. Cassie this is adorable! I love the simplicity of it, and the kids will love the “wow” factor when they remove the tissue paper!

  2. Will regular tissue paper work or does it have to be bleeding??

  3. Very meaningful piece of art. Continue doing like this kind of art. Nice and God Bless

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  4. Different style of hearts and also color.Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Did you just use water to adhere the tissue paper to their drawing paper? We are using just water, but the tissue paper isn't bleeding like I'd hoped it would. It is the bleeding type of tissue, too. Any ideas???

  6. I love the idea. Can I just use Charcoal Pastels instead of the paint sticks?

  7. Wow!!
    Loved this project!
    What type of paper did you use please?
    Also... are the paint sticks permanent?
    Trying to come up with another way to achieve a similar result. I don’t have the paint sticks or bleeding tissue paper. Thanks for sharing!


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