Monday, January 11, 2021

Art Teacherin' 101: New Seat Spots and Dance Party Color Wheels!

I've been in school since August and since that time, my room has changed more than it ever has over the course of my 21 years teaching! First I was told I'd be on a cart...then that I would have to have my students hear instructions from their tables (which I hate as I find it's just too distracting for them) and THEN I was told that I could have my students sit on the floor as long as they are spread apart and all wearing their masks. We never take off our masks in art so this was like a gift sent from heaven. I'm lucky in that my room is very big...but it did mean that I totally had to revamp my instructional area, even getting my T.V. and document camera moved, to accommodate all of these changes. At the start of the new school year, my instructional area looked like this:
To keep on top of contact tracing, all of my students in every class have a number order. They line up this way, sit next to the same friends this way, grab supplies this get the idea. I numbered my line up spots both in the hallway and in my room as well as our instructional area (seen here) and tables and chairs! It has helped tremendously. BUT...these floor spots were simply numbered paper circles taped to the floor. Their life didn't outlast the determination that is small humans picking at things. So this weekend, I thought I'd trade them out for dry erase cirles! I ordered some, they arrived with lightening speed and today I was blessed with a ...
SNOW DAY! I didn't find out about it until I arrived at school to find the parking lot deserted. No worries! It gave me plenty of time to create my dream floor! I created a video to walk you through it, if you are interested.
Oh, y'all! I'm so excited!
If I could dry erase the art room from floor to ceiling I would...oh, wait. I think I pretty much have! 
Like I said, not sure how this is gonna work, if it is gonna work. BUT I am forever switching the script to find something that just might. It keeps me and my students on my toes. Here's a pic of my toes for emphasis. Also, pleas ignore my pale and hairy legs!
If anything, at least it's colorful! I'm hoping the kids are as excited as I am when they see it tomorrow. In the meantime, I will ALWAYS be checking for a snow day from now on!

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