Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Dealing with Bullies, Part 1 and 2

I was recently asked a question in Instagram about how I "deal with rude staff/teachers" at school. First of all, before I upset any coworkers, I can honestly say I work with nice folks. Really, I do. BUT I can also say that I've been at my school for MANY years now and, honestly, for many, this is what an art teacher is/looks like/acts like/does. I've trained them that all art teachers are weird/late/loud/messy rainbow unicorns. So, if they take issue, they usually shrug it off with a 'well, she IS an art teacher' as if it's an affliction I just can't correct. 

They're not entirely wrong.

Anyway! When I was asked this, I promptly responded because I HAVE dealt with many a bully in my day. They have come in the form of 'friends', coworkers, staff and other art teachers. And I have actually chatted about this alot, especially here and in Episode 35 of my Cassie Stephens podcast. 
Click on the photo to take you to Episode 35!

Today, though, I'm approaching the subject a little differently. Let's talk about bullying by not talking about the 'bully' but as your perspective or your Insecurity Sunglasses, I'm calling them. 
You do have control over how you 'see' other people's actions and how you choose to spend your time...whether that be allowing those actions to affect you or not. Let's dig in can take a listen to Episode 58 right here. 

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