Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Black Glue and Chalked Tiger Lesson

My third graders are wrapping up a lesson that we've loved! So I thought I'd share the process and the video with you. Here you go!
If you cannot view the video here on this blog post, hop on over to my YouTube channel to see it there. Feel free to use this video in your art makin' world! Be sure and subscribe, new videos are added all the time!
At my school, we are the tigers so this was the reason behind our animal choice. At the start of the school year, our focus was on what makes us special and unique. Now we are moving on to how we fit into our school community and what makes our school special! All students are currently creating mascots. It's been so much fun! 
My third graders usually do a black glue and chalked piece inspired by Sandra Silberzwig. It's a popular lesson and you can find it and the video here. 
It was fun to try something new and the kids rocked it. Have fun! 

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