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Monday, August 31, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #146

 Always Been a Poor Listener Monday: So, we're doing our annual dress-a-color-a-day at our school, coordinated by our fab kindergarten teachers. On Monday, I was to wear red. I HAD ONE JOB. And I prolly didn't read the email/prolly read the email and still forgot. If it's not written on my hand in Sharpie, it ain't gonna happen, people. To my credit, there was a smidge of red in the skirt, y'all! top: garage sale; skirt: OMG, I love this thing! Just bought it from H&M; belt: Amazon; shoes: Shoe Carnival; hot pink polymer necklace: purchased from an artist in Charleston; palette hair clip: made by moi

Greetings, good buddies! I hope y'all have had the most fabulous week everrzz and are relaxed, rested and ready for another round o' fun-ness! This coming week involves a half day Friday and a lovely day off on Monday which, not gonna lie, I'm totes looking forward to. 

My email inbox has been bursting with the most amazing art teacherin' outfits from y'all and for that, I thank you! It makes me so happy every time I see one of y'all lookin' your artfully best. AND I know your students love you for it! If you'd like to submit to the What the Art Teacher Wore/Back to Art Teacherin' Contest (with the grand prize being a feature here, a photo in SchoolArts Magazine and a free yearly subscription), just shoot me an email of your beautiful self at I can't wait to see more snaps!

Also...thank you kindly for your positive response to my video clips! I'm glad you are enjoying them and finding them (um, somewhat) helpful. Due to your encouragement, I'll be sharing more (including one in this post!). I'd also love to hear what you might be interested in seeing/learning about. So just lemme know in el comment-os, kids! 

This week, aside from What I Wore I thought I'd throw another video into the mix. This one is about a lil technique I use every now and then called palming. It's a great way to calm and center the kids (think mindfulness) after a little bit of excitement. I learned this from one of my first and fave books on art teacherin' Drawing with Children by Mona Brooks. Hope y'all enjoy and I'll be back with you soon! 
Easy, right? I used it on Friday with a couple of my kindergarten classes and it worked like a charm. 
 Yellow Tuesday: Yellow has become my new fave color. The brighter, the better. I have yellow all over my house along with sky blue and vintage Caddy pink. My spirit colors, y'all. dress: vintage Swirl dress found in St. Louis; shoes: old, Target
 Blue Wednesday: One of my first grade students excitedly told me, "You have Pete the Cat on your shirt! Where's his school shoes?!" I love this outfit so stinkin' much I wore it on Saturday just so's I could call it my Caturday ensemble. Judge if you wanna. cat print top: H&M; skirt: Anthro label, purchased at a resale shop; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; head scarf: Vera! My fave! found at the thrift shop; shoes: my new Minnetonkas, I'm in lurve, y'all!
 Green Thursday: I finally finished my window! And got a new stand for my clean up gong! AND got these fab-o faux trees from a super artistic coworker. I'm so excited about the art room's new Jungle Lounge. dress: vintage; shoes: Jeffery Campbell
Orange You Glad It's Friday?!: I know I was...mostly because my mama came to visit! We had a crazy fun time hitting the local Franklin Farmer's Market, shopping at Bella Vintage Marketplace, dining on pizza, visiting family and shopping some more. It was a perfectly great weekend and with the temperatures cooling, I am so looking forward to many more. dress: The Limited from a coupla years ago; shoes: Clarks; bubble necklace: Porter Flea Craft Fair; disney pin: Um, Disneyland

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