Sunday, August 26, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #31

Forgotten Monday: Geez, it seems so long ago I hardly remember it. I'm standing in front of my Art History Wall and my Clean-Up Drums, courtesy of Fork's Drum Closettop: on a recent visit, my mother-in-law brought me a bunch of delightful duds from her friends. This sweet top was one of them. skirt: oh my, a new favorite. I scooped it up at this lovely etsy shop: Past Times Vintage; belt and shoes: sale, Anthropologie
Hi there, friends. This week in art teacher land was so busy it was just plain silly. I snapped about 400 photos of the kids for the faux passports they are creating; they completed their miniature self portraits for a group mural we are working on; we covered fire drills, tornado drills, how-to-make-Mrs.-Stephens-coffee-just-how-she-likes-it drills, you get the idea. My head is still spinning. But that may be from the kid who didn't quite have the coffee-to-sugar ratio down pat. Sigh. We'll get there.

This week I thought I'd share with you some details from these nutty outfits. And since I love pattern design in my clothing, I have included some of Raoul Dufy's textiles designs. You remember him...the dude I spent the last post cussing over. I just can't help it, he's that awesome. I hope you enjoy and we'll chitty-chat soon.
I love this pattern: the vintage suitcases, travel stickers, scale, destination signs. So clever.
A lovely print by Raoul Dufy, found here.
Poochie Tuesday: dress: Made by me; headband: Peachy Tuesday, created with fabric from the dress and vintage buttons, so cute!
Could this headband be any cuter? The kids loved it, thank you, Jen!
More Dufy goodness. I found many of these images on this lovely blog.
Bonjour, Wednesday: On this day, when we practiced for the fire drill, one of the kids lined up at the door that leads to the hall instead of outside. His reason: "The fire will probably be in here, with your kiln." I assured him that I would not be setting the school on fire anytime soon. His MacKayla Maroney face lead me to believe he wasn't buyin' it. beret: made by me; top: Anthro, gift from a friend; skirt: from the etsy artist PossessedN1.
I wish the fabric that was for sale these days looked more like this. If I had a clue about textile design, I might be inclined to create some of my own.
This Dufy design is a gouache on paper. That I understand. But to create textile patterns these days, you have to know how to scan and use computer programs that I haven't the foggiest ideas how to use.
First Day with Kindergarten Thursday: As if my room isn't enough of a distraction, I thought I'd jazz myself up as well. You know, so the wee ones won't be confused about what it is I teach: Crazy Kookiness. top: Target; shoes: made by me, tutorial here; skirt: made by me, tutorial here
A pencil hairclip? Really?! I know, I know. Sometimes I even embarrass myself.
I had visions that kindergarten would be a jungle of wild animals but there were...perfect! Such sweet little artists. Raoul Dufy, Jungle, printed cotton, 1920
A Rough Friday: I would compare this day to a pooh sandwich: the beginning and end were fine, but the middle really stunk. Sometimes it happens in the art room. AND this outfit was given an "eh" review by the kid critics. So harsh! Sweater, dress, owl sandals: Anthro sale room
Poodle pin, antique store.
Thankfully the weekend has been like a buncha roses with hubs and I hitting every estate, garage and thrift shop within a 60 mile radius. More on my finds soon. Lovely floral pattern by Dufy.

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  1. Hello! Cassie! I work in a kindergarten too! I just love to dress colorful and fun for the kids!:) Almost every other day they ask me what Im dressed up as today! haha! Thats why I answer them with my imagination;) Im not as good with sowing as you, but I sure love your blog:) Found it in the project restyle-group:)

    greetings from Norway!


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