Sunday, September 2, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #32

Red Monday: Please pardon the completely distracting and slightly messy background. Because, according to the background, if you do not there will be consequences. And I don't think you want to experience A Long Time Out. dress: picked up at one of the lovely vintage shops in Amsterdam this summer; shoes: Dolls by Nina; belt and bow: made by me.
 Holy Moly Me-O-My, thank goodness for a long weekend. I am currently doing my favorite things: chillin' with the hubs, catching up on sewing projects, celebrating with friends (check out my friend Zach's big accomplishment!)and day dreaming about what the little artists will be creating next week. I couldn't ask for a more perfect end to a very colorful week. Why so colorful, you ask? Well, to help the lil kindergarteners learn their colors, my school wore different colors for each day of the week. In addition to my monochromatic duds, I've added some of my most pinteresting pins.

All of this color got me thinking about my favorite colors. I never really thought about what color I was drawn to until I started my attempts at decorating. It seems I love a very specific slightly-greenish sky blue. Surely there's a better name for the color. I've got it everywhere: in the painting I created in our front room (seen in the background of this post), in the rug I'm hooking, in the countless pillows. And now that I think about it, that was the color of my bedroom growing up. Surprisingly, that color is not very present in my wardrobe. There I have a lot of reds and pinks.

How about you? What color do you find yourself most drawn to? Do you know why you have such a connection to the color? I'd love to hear your colorful comments!
Woman in red Christian Dior dress, courtesy of pinterest.
Yellow Tuesday: I have to say, colors really do evoke emotion. Seeing all my kindergarten friends in their bright sunny yellows really made me quite happy. dress: Buffalo Exchange; shoes: vintage, thrifted; hair flower: made by me
Do you know the artist Raphael Soyer? I love his work. He's considered something called a Social Realist which is just fancy talk that means he liked to paint people living their lives. Doing what they do. Raphael had two brothers, Issac and Moses, who were also artists.
Blue Wednesday: I've really taken to wearing these waist aprons during art class. I have a small mountain of vintage ones that I wear in rotation. This one's pretty groovy because it's just translucent enough that you can see the floral pattern. dress and apron: vintage; shoes: Anthro, coupla years ago
Abstract painter Helen Frankenthaler in her studio.
Green Thursday: On this day, one of my new students said, "You are like a wacky work of art everyday." dress: vintage, thrifted; shoes: thrifted and DIY'ed by me here.
I am currently fascinated with the idea of creating my own fabric. I've had my nose stuck in my favorite fabric design books like Marimekko. I need to jump on this idea because that little voice that likes to convince me that my ideas are foolish is starting to get to me. Do you have little voices that try to talk you down from ledges? So annoying, I just wanna jump head first!
Orange Friday: More like Sherbert Friday but whatever. Turns out I don't have a lot of orange in my closet. So sad, I love the color! dress: vintage, thrifted; belt: Pinky Otto, NYC; shoes: Anthro
And I'll leave you with this orangie goodness. Enjoy your long weekend!


  1. We do color week at my primary school, too, only this year it stretched to 2 weeks! Unfortunately I missed 4 of those days at the intermediate school. I have a terrible time trying to understand sewing patterns so I haven't made any dresses for myself but I've been on a big skirt kick. I found out that I can make a pretty simple, cute skirt with just a yard of fabric and an hour or so. I wore a floral skirt for red day and a geometric skirt for purple day. I was going to take pictures like you but I got busy with my student teacher and forgot!

  2. Love your Monday dress! LOVE the bird print in the skirt! :)

  3. ah, yes the internal dialog. I've got it. It's too loud and annoying all the time telling me what to do;) You SHOULD design some fabric! most definitely.

  4. You could make your own fabric using a screen printing technique, but be prepared for inconsistencies when you do it...or why not have the kiddos make potato prints and stamp away!!

  5. How fun!!! I love your colorful outfits. My husband and I are both teachers but our schools are not as fun!! I want to come work with you! Thanks so much for commenting on our blog - hope to see you again.

  6. WOW!!! You look gorgeous every day! I love the dresses, the way you write and the things you do during art class. Wish we got to do such fun things in back in school :-)

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  7. That artist is Helen Frankenthaler


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