Monday, October 15, 2012

A Review: Firmoo Glasses

Collecting leaves for my leaf press.
Well, hello there. I'm here today to review a nifty pair of shades that I was sent by an online glasses company called Firmoo. Firmoo's philosophy is "vision and fashion the frugal way". Guess they heard about my affinity toward all things cheap and chic. And my hoarder ways. This online store has over 300 different styles of glasses and sunglasses to chose from. That's enough to get a collector like me in a whole heap of trouble.
I promise you I actually spent more time than usual on this mop. Steam rollers, teasing comb, the whole nine yards. One moment outside and the Blistery Breeze of Fall undid it all. I like to call this look Unkept Windswept.
Now, I gotta admit, I had a real hard time picking out just the right glasses for me. They have this super cool feature where you can download a photo of yourself and virtually try on every pair glasses. After trying 'em all on, I opted for this pair of sunnies.  I contemplated picking up a pair of prescription glasses but...well...if you must know, my lenses are super thick. Think bottle caps but, like, more bottle-cap-ier. Firmoo calls itself the Global Online Optical Store, so I don't doubt that they could have came through with some featherweight lenses for me. However, I decided to go the sunglasses route.
The customer service was excellent. I received a confirmation email when my order was placed. This was followed by an email when my order was shipped (that same day) and another email that wanted to let me know that if I had any questions, feel free to ask. Shipping is free on orders over $39.
Just a couple days after my order was placed, I received my sunglasses. I was surprised that they arrived with both a soft and hard plastic case as well as a cleaning cloth and a wee little glasses repair kit (not pictured).
The quality of the sunglasses really impressed me. I ordered these in the bronzed finish. Check out that photo, can you believe what beauties these are?
Oh, John Lennon. Did these fab Firmoo sunglasses immediately remind you of him? Surprisingly, he wasn't who I had in mind when I ordered them. While I went through a pretty intense late 60's phase in high school and college (complete with bell bottoms, peasant blouses and some insanely terrible polyester plaid pants), my love for vintage fashion is more '50's thru early '60's. No, I had another 1960's icon on mind...
 That's right: Janis Joplin. I absolutely love her. Everything about her is raw, pure and just out there. Love it or leave it. Even though these shades of mine are smaller than her over-sized round ones, they still remind me of her funky spirit. 

 Another thing I like about these sunglasses is that they are perfect for fall. The color of the lenses is a light brown which is just the right amount of shade from the not-too-intense sunlight of this time of year. Not only that, but the coloring goes well with my often autumn-hued outfits.
Outfit details: blouse: Anthro, gift from a friend; dress: vintage, gift from a friend; tights: Target; necklace: vintage, my mom's; boots: Seychelle's
The glasses I ordered also come in prescription shades and black. I think the black sunnies would have looked great for a 1940's look.
So, the verdict? I love these glasses and was very pleased with the online shopping experience. And I have entirely too much online shopping experience for my own good, so I think you can take my word. I also just noticed on their website that they are currently offering a free eyewear. And suddenly, I'm in need of some more glasses...

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  1. I love the glasses, I love your dress with the nice tartan pattern and your boots. Everything has my beloved autumnal deep warm colours. Pretty colours, pretty you! Hugs from Miss Maple

  2. I love the sunglasses too, so fashionable and unique which complements on your outfit.

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