Monday, October 29, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #40

First Day of Vacay: We arrived in Los Angeles on the Tuesday of my fall break and went immediately to Disneyland. They were celebrating their Not-So-Scary event with the perfect backdrop for my dress. dress: El Dia de los Muertos Dress, sewn by me, more details here; fishnets and tights: Target; Frye boots: hubs picked 'em up a couple years ago for sale at Journeys for...wait for it...$39!
 Okay, so I'm just gonna let you know up front that this here post is muy photo and vacation chat heavy. We are just back from an awesome adventure in Los Angeles and there wasn't a single photo that I felt I could leave out. I was a complete vintage-shop-aholic during the day and theme-park-enthusiast at night. I'd love to hear if you've visited these spots...or if you have any recommendations for a future adventure. Thanks for dropping by!
Sleeping Beauty Castle. Not to be confused with Cinderella's much bigger and more impressive (sorry Sleeping Beauty, truth hurts) castle in Walt Disney World, Orlando. Although this castle does not resemble the castle in the film Sleeping Beauty, that's the name Walt gave it as he was building Disneyland. The film Sleeping Beauty was to debut a few years after Disneyland opened. Fun Fact: Snow White doesn't have a castle. That's what happens when you take up with that many little men.
Mickey's Soundsational Parade features some of the most popular music from Disney movies and some of the biggest Disney characters like Ariel, Peter Pan, Mary Poppins and Aladdin. This particular dancer with the Best Dress Ever (note to self: create a Pinata Dress stat!) from something called The Three Caballeros. Never heard of 'em but me gusta los frocks, chicas!
More notes to self: make one giant twirly skirt, double stat.
Nine  floats travel down Main Street, each telling their own musical story. It's pretty amazing...I just couldn't get enough of those costumes.
 By the end of the night, I was freezing my tail off. The thing about Cali is that it's a desert. So you might enjoy 80's-90's during the day but as soon as that sun drops, it' takes the temp with it. Most evenings were a chilly 60 degrees. jacket: Modcloth
Shopping in Orange, CA: One of the best little downtown shopping spots is in Orange. We've visited the Orange Candy Co. each time we come to pick up a bag full of Zots. dress and belt: Anthropologie; sweater: thrifted, Banana Republic
Orange has a lovely little town square full of countless antique and gift shops. I always poke around in this shop for DIY ideas. You can find more info on Orange and their shops here.

 Bruxie, home of the Gourmet Waffle Sandwich, is the best place to grab a bite. And the town has a great assortment of vintage shops and vintage clothing tucked in their antique stores. Lost and Found (also called Elsewhere Vintage) had some gems as did Orange Circle Antique Mall (photo on right from a booth in the mall).
Burbank, I love you: So many vintage-themed and vintage clothing shops all on one street. jacket: Modcloth; unicorn dress: Angie; fishnets: Target
Okay, I almost fell out when I spotted this shop. This is the only storefront that the formerly online-only clothing brand Pinup Girl has. It was such a thrill to try on their vintage reproduction duds...and walk out with just the cutest circle skirt ever. Picked up on sale, of course. The young woman working at the shop was just the perfect amount of pinup (with her skin-tight high waisted capris, sunny yellow bustier and rolled hair) and 1950's sweet. Not only was the clothing amazing but they also offer hair and make up classes. Gah! Must attempt that on another trip.
I  have to tell you that some of the nicest people work in these retail shops. The kind girl at Pinup told me to stop by Audrey*K because she has a similar aesthetic. I was so thrilled that I did. Audrey is the owner of the shop and just an absolutely delightful person. She is the designer behind most of the clothing in her store. Most of her dresses are vintage inspired but created with modern fabrics. Which means you can breathe and bend and not worry about hearing that horrifying riiiip of a vintage seam. What Audrey doesn't create herself, she buys from local designers.

More vintage goodness in Burbank: 33 Rooms and Swift Vintage. More super helpful store clerks and more damage to my wallet.

 Playclothes will blow your mind. The amount of vintage packed into that shop was so good it felt bad. They organize their clothing by era and had plenty of 1950's garb to get this girl's heart goin'. This place is a must if you are in Burbank.
Dreamworks Lunch: So one of my favorite artsy buddies from waaay back is married to a Dreamworks dude. He was kind enough to get us passes into Dreamworks for lunch...and it really was like a dream. The place looks like a beautiful Spanish style college campus complete with the best cafeteria ever (you had me at Starbucks on tap). It was such a thrill to see where the creative minds behind Dreamworks create. dress: made by me, more here.
California Adventure's latest attraction is Cars Land. The attention to detail was almost as amazing as the Cars Land ride.
I'm sure I would have appreciated it more had I seen the movie. My favorite part was the vintage feel to the sets. Loved all of those giant retro signs.
Not trip to California Adventure is complete without a stroll around Paradise Pier.
The real reason we ventured to California? Universal Studio's Halloween Horror Nights. I know what you are thinking: didn't they just go to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando? Yes. We did. And wasn't that right after they went to Howl-O-Scream in Williamsburg? Yes. It was. We can't help it. In October, this is what we do. Go to haunted houses, get scared, scream ourselves silly. The Walking Dead themed house was hands-down the best at HHN.
Until next time, goodbye, Hollywood!


  1. Anonymous11/12/2012

    Fab trip ! I'm not even googling what 60 is in oc as its probably the same as our summer here in England!!!!

    The little room of Rachell

  2. Anonymous7/09/2014

    Oh oh oh! Next time you go to Cali in the fall, hit Knott's Berry Farm, skip the rides and just do the haunted houses. They're great and with all the professional acting talent as the monsters, so scary and fun! Plus, there really aren't the lines you see at the rides.


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