Thursday, January 17, 2013

DIY: Skirtin' the Issue

Dude, I'll have ya know that I suffered at nearly freezing temps to snap these photos. My goosebumps had goosebumps. Only a cup of hot tea and quality time with the space heater made it so I could feel my toes again.
 I am in a particularly fragile state. Since Monday evening, my life has been an emotional roller coaster from hopeful, to elated, then surprised, disappointed, hurt and just plain angry. I am on the road to recovery but it's been a very difficult week.

What could have caused so much headache and heartache in my life over the past couple of days? What could have possibly had me crossing my fingers, gnashing my teeth and shaking my fist at the sky above?

The possibility of a Snow Day that never came.
 It started Monday night when there was the chance of an ice storm. I had to scrap a thick layer of ice from my car after school and I just knew it was a sign. Our Snow-Day-Soothsayin' Custodian even confirmed my thoughts with a cheery, "I'll see you Wednesday since we'll be out Tuesday!" When I got home that night, I plotted and planned my DIYs for the next day. This here skirt was one of 'em.
 You might remember this pattern. I first featured it in my short list of New Years resolutions as being a new pattern I'd like to try. I'm not a fan of the vest (the pattern calls it a weskit) and I'm most def not doin' nuthin with sleeves right now. But I just knew that skirt would be the Jerry McGuire to my wardrobe and I also just knew I'd have all day Tuesday to complete it.
 But no. To school we went. However, at the end of the day, they sent us home a half an hour early because an ice storm was supposedly on it's way. I was even more hopeful this time around and decided to get a jump start on this DIY by cutting out the pattern pieces. I used this giant piece of fabric I picked up at Urban Outfitters years ago. They were selling it as a bed spread and I scored it for a mere $9. It looks to me like a Tammis Keefe design (whose vintage fabric reproductions I've used here and here). 
 But once again, the weather failed to produce. Sigh. After all of that torture, I just came to the realization that I wasn't going to get my day. So last night I attacked this dress with the determination to knock it out. Snow Day or no Snow Day, I was going to make this skirt. Even if I stayed up entirely too late and paid for it dearly today.
Asha the Photo Bomber. Look at her not paying the least bit of attention to me and my latest creation. Her thought processes are focused solely on: Squirrel! Bird! Did You Just Drop Cheese on the Floor?! Squirrel!
 Now when I say "knock it out", that kinda implies that I was just able to whip this skirt up in no time. Oh no. Nothing in Sewing City comes easily for me. Especially with directions written in vintage speak. I got as far as the waistband when the directions simply said, "Put in waistband." No how-to or step-by-step just put in waistband. What, by waving my wand? Cuz that didn't work on the Snow Day so I know it's not gonna do me any good on el waistbando.

So I youtubed it. That's right, I just typed in "sew in a waistband" and some marvelous lady named Professor Pincushion held my hand and walked me through the process in 20 minutes flat. I am in love with youtube tutorials. I'm almost certain I could remove my own kidney with the right tute. Now if only I could find the one titled "Bringing Snow to Middle Tennessee."
 Hey, would you look at that pretty little machine! It's an addition to my Brother sewing machine fam, my Brother serger. I was thrilled to see it already threaded so I used it as is straight out of the box to finish my seams and hems. Doesn't that look nice? Kinda makes me feel like a Big Girl Sewer. Which I couldn't be further from.
 Outfit Details: faux fur collar: Christmas present from a follow Hoosier; birdie sweater, green fishnets, burnt orange tights: Target; white collared blouse: as seen in the other photos, gift from my mom in law; pearl necklace: gift from a friend; belt: Pin Up Girl; shoes: Softt; crinoline: Pre-Post Modern, Nashville

So, okay. I didn't need that Snow Day after all to be productive and scratch this resolution off my list. And, honestly, there is so much fun stuff happening in the art room right now (more on that next week, I hope!) that I'd hate to miss out. I mean, if we'd been out, I wouldn't have had this convo with a third grade boy today:

TGB: Mrs. Stephens, how did you get your skirt so puffy?
Me: I have something called a crinoline under my skirt. It's like a ballerina's tutu.
TGB: Why would you wear a tutu?
Me: To make my skirt puffy. When your grandmother was younger, she probably wore one under her skirts and dresses too. 
TGB: Oh. So it's an old people thing. Okay.

Yeah. That's it. 

Until we chat again, enjoy Friday and your week's end!


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  2. Yessss, I love fun printed skirts! This is so cute, and I love the way you styled it ("old-people" crinoline and all, haaaha!). I actually like the vest in that pattern, but less for that outfit and more for some kind of Annie Hall ripoff ;)

    And girl, sleeves aren't too bad - especially the more you practice :) If you ever need help with an evil sleeve, just give me a holler! I got your back!


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