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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Let's Make a Pop-Up Card for Father's Day!

It's time to celebrate dad! All dads: step-dad, grand-dad, uncle who is like a dad...really any dude who makes your life better. It's time to let 'em know how awesome they are! All you'll need is paper, scissors, glue, crayons and markers. Here we go: 

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

We Are Woven Together!

I've been thinking of new art lessons to bring into my art room this coming school year. I always want my lessons to have a focus on kindness, acceptance, empathy and love because, to me, that's what art is all about. I have put together a list of my favorite books to use when teaching and I thought I'd share it with you. 
As for the weaving project, you'll need a piece of white and black paper; yellow, red, white and black paint; a paintbrush and a cup of water; scissors and glue. Here we go:
I've been getting a lot of questions lately on how I plan to approach these types of lessons in my art room. Honestly, I'm going to be spending my summer reading, listening and learning. I don't know the answer to that question...yet. But I am open to learning. For now, this is my starting point and I thought I would share. 
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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Under the Sea Week: A Coral Reef Relief Collage

 Yesterday, as apart of our Under the Sea Week, we created Coral Reef Relief Collages! If you want to create your own, grab the following supplies:
And now, let's create:
This one is so much fun and the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to join LIVE art class today, here's what you'll need! You can find me LIVE on my Facebook page, my Instagram or join the fun later by tuning in to my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe, new videos are added all the time! 

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Sunday, May 10, 2020

Under the Sea Week!

 Hello, friends! Who's ready for Under the Sea Week? I'm so excited to kick things off with a selfie that we'll be bubble printing on! 

In case you don't can join me for live art class on my Instagram page or my Facebook page. If you miss a class, no worries, I always post the lesson the following day to my YouTube channel. Here's what's in store this week:
Last week we explored a bunch of collage techniques for our hamburger. I thought we'd continue that by creating a Coral Reef Relief Sculpture!
Y'all know it wouldn't be a week of Art Class with Cassie without some salt dough clay, right? If you are low on supplies, any clay would work from Model Magic to Play-Doh. 
What do sharks snack on? Let's draw what we think they might enjoy with this fun pop-out!
The kids have been BEGGING for a mermaid project so here we go! We'll do a fun printing technique for the background to create a tie-dye effect. 
And here's the line-up! If you know some kiddos who would enjoy, please feel free to share. Also, big thanks to our sponsors, Art to Remember and Ticonderoga!
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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Top Six Mother's Day Projects!

This week, on my YouTube channel, I've been sharing a new Mother's Day project each day! I thought I'd put them all together here in case you need something for dear ole mom (or you know some kiddos who need to get to creatin'). You'll only need paper, glue, glue stick or tape, scissors and something to draw and color with. Here we go:
Why not brighten mom's day with a pop-up rainbow?
Or spend some time writing about what a star she is in your life with this project:
This MOM/WOW project was a huge hit this week!
And, lastly, try this origami house that you can draw your family inside:
And this optical illusion heart is just so fun and easy to make with amazing results!
Happy Mother's Day!
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Friday, May 8, 2020

Let's Make a Star Pop-Up!

Need a fun project for Mother's Day or any day? For this Glow Gallery star project, I'm using supplies by Pacon. You can shop their entire glow store here for all of your glow art show needs! I am using their Pacon paper and their Creativity Street Tempera Sticks. You can check out the video here:
I did this project years ago as a sub plan, if you can believe that! Here is what we created then and the supplies we used:
You can see more about this project in this blog post. Also, here is the video for this lesson:

Have fun!
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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Let's Make an Abstract Word Painting!

Let's create an abstract word-painting! This one is fun and easy. All you'll need is a piece of paper, a permanent marker, water-based markers, a cup of water and a paintbrush. When you are finished with this painting, try painting your name as the words or someone else's name, like mom or dad! Let's get started:
Have fun!

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Wizard Week: Wizard Selfies!

Did we have fun making Wizard Selfies yesterday! It was such a blast and the Art Class with Cassie kids did an INCREDIBLE job! In case you missed it, here are the supplies we used:
And here's the video so you can create!
You won't want to miss today! We are making Baby Dragon Puppets! Grab your supplies and I'll see you on my Instagram or my Facebook LIVE at 11am CT. Or check the afterparty on my YouTube channel. New videos added daily so be sure to subscribe! 
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Monday, April 27, 2020

Let's Make a Landscape!

Here's an easy and fun way to teach about the four parts of a landscape: horizon line, back-, middle- and foreground. What I love about this little lesson is that the pop-up stands up and it can act as a card of a storytelling prompt as it opens like a book! Check out this three-minute demo. Feel free to share with the young artists in your life!
Have fun!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Outer Space Week: Astronaut Selfies!

Yesterday we had so much fun drawing ourselves as astronauts! If you missed, don't worry! Here's the supplies we used:
 And here's the how-to video:
I'm really excited about today's art project: Salt Dough Solar System! Here's the supplies I'll be creating with. If you would prefer to use Play-Doh or any other clay you already have, go for it! I'll be sharing how to make the clay at the start of class and then we'll get to creating from there. You can join me LIVE on my Instagram, Facebook or catch the afterparty on my YouTube channel. I'm now adding tons of videos to my channel so you might want to subscribe to create with me. 
See you real soon!
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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Let's Make a Pop-Up Perspective!

Ask any ole art teacher what one of the toughest things to teach is and you'll hear: Perspective! Well, check out this easy and fun pop-perspective project I came up with. I think you and your young artists will love it. Have fun!
Happy creating!
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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Pirate Week: Wanted Pirate Poster!

Ahoy, mateys! In case you missed yesterday's live art class, here you go! We had so much fun making Wanted Pirate Posters. Here's what you'll need:
And here's the video so you can create your very own Wanted Pirate Poster!
In case you need more ideas on how to draw your pirate or if you'd like a Pirate Coloring Sheet, be sure and visit here.
 If you need a little help coming up with your pirate name, I created these two What's Your Pirate Name?! sheets just for you!
 And if you wish to join today, Tuesday, March 31st at 11am CT, here's what you'll need:
I go LIVE on my Facebook page and my Instagram. All videos go to my YouTube channel later in the day so be sure to subscribe to see! 

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Sunday, March 29, 2020

Pirate Week!

I hope you Pirates are as excited as I am about Pirate Week! We are going into our third week of themed home-based creating and I am loving it! In case you missed, we've done Robot Week and Zany Scientist Week. All of those videos you can now catch on my YouTube channel. More are added all the time so I would encourage you to subscribe! 

Once again, we are keeping the supplies simple. Most days we are just using household items. So that you can scavenge around for them like a true pirate, I'm including the list of supplies for each day this week! 

When I go LIVE, I do so on Facebook and Instagram. You can find me there, each weekday at 11am CT. 

If you know of ANYONE who would like to join, please know that this is absolutely free. Anyone is able to be apart of the creatin' fun. Art teachers, feel free to add this to your list of creative activities your students can do at home. Our kids are currently left with a lot of time on their hands. Let's fill their days with a bit of normalcy and FUN! Thank you SO MUCH for continuing to get the word out, it means the world to me and our creative kiddos. 
On Monday, we'll be drawing Wanted Pirate Posters! To get those creative juices flowing, I created not one but TWO coloring sheets! You can find them here and here

Just for fun, I created these What's Your Pirate Name sheets. You can use these any ole time but we'll definitely be taking a look at them on Monday! Of course, coming up with your own name is most of the fun!

Tuesday's activity is going to be all about recycling as we use a toilet paper tube and a cereal box as our main creating source!
Last week, making our own clay was a HUGE hit! If you want to make your clay in advance or find out more, just hop over here! 
The most fun in making your own treasure map is making it look old when you are finished. For that you can use a cup of coffee or tea. I used my cold cup of morning coffee and it worked great. 

I love making puppets, they are so much fun. And this one is a simple puppet that can actually be transformed into so many things. We'll be making a Crocodile Puppet with ours!

And here's the daily lineup! I hope to see you there. 

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