Monday, September 16, 2013

What the Art Teachers Wore #77

Dot-Tastic Monday: Okay, I gotta admit, it was by total accident that I wore this polka dotted dress on Monday...which proceeded to inspire my wardrobe for the next coupla weeks. All for the love of The Dot. dress: vintage, Wasteland in San Francisco; shoes: Swedish Hasbeens, Anthro; belt: Pin Up Girl Clothing; necklace: Target
Have ya'll read the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds? Well, I have. And so has Rebecca. Like, 24 times. Once for each class we see. And, I gotta admit, I never tire of the book. It's that great. So when I found out that there was something called International Dot Day, I knew we had to participate. Rebecca suggested we hang the kids' painted coffee filters (created for a future art project) and, viola! We dot-a-sized the entire school. More details on our project later this week.

For the occasion, I've decided to wear a polka dotted outfit until our school's Open House this Thursday. Which means, when all is said and done, I will have worn dots for 10 days. At first I didn't think I could pull it off and thought I'd be doing some dot-tastic DIY's but, as it turns out, this hoarder's wardrobe is just full of dots. It's a little nuts. Someone might have a problem. Just sayin.

But back to the dot. All week, we've been stressing the theme of The Dot which is to inspire. Without ruining the plot, an art teacher inspires a student who then inspires an aspiring artist in return. During deep convo about this theme with my first grade students, this happened:

Me: So! What do you think would happen if this story continued...?

First Grade Dude: That little boy in the story will be expired.

Me (without correcting him because I'm dying to see where this goes): Oh yeah? And what do you think will happen when everyone sees our dots on display for Open House?

F.G.D.: Then our family will expire, our friends will be expired and, well, everyone will expire!

Yeah, so. Let's hope nothing that dramatic happens. I'll keep you posted. Until then, I hope your week is dot-tastic!

Dontcha love this dress? Girl traveled all over Europe this summer and picked this dress up in Stockholm. How many people get to say that? "Oh, this ole thang? Stockholm, baby. Stock-I'm-a-World-Traveler-holm."
Not read The Dot? Why not let youtube read it for you?
1960's Does Dots Tuesday: There's this little thrift store I rarely go to and on the day I do, I find this sweet 1960's two piece. What you can't see is the sweet bow at the neck and the delicate buttons down the back. Can you tell I love it? shoes: vintage, thrifted; daisy necklace and earrings: gift from a friend

I love those sandals. They will more than likely come up missing from her closet. Don't tell her.

Art teacher buds, have you ever participated in International Dot Day? This was my first time...and I loved it! I can't wait to share with you what else we've created to celebrate this awesome book.

Dotted Window Wednesday: Chaining these coffee filters together took some trouble shooting. I'll have so spare you the trouble and show you are secrets this week. dress: thrifted; sweater: ebay
Not gonna lie, this colorful window makes me pretty happy.
Picture Day Thursday: Yay! Nothing like remembering it's Picture Day until you are walking out the door. So I just stuck a palette in my hair and called it a day. dress: Target; belt: Plato's Closet

Oops, he forgot "Be Expired!"

PANTS! Friday: Seriously. I have more students make comments when I wear pants than any other day. It's kinda craycray. blouse: gift from a friend; jeans: Target; shoes: Anthro

Guess who got her hairs did?! I love it, don't you? When it's straight, she's got an Ariel vibe and when it's curly, she's totally that girl from Brave. The kids love it. And check out that awesome hair bow. Her mom created that for her when she was a kid...the kids and I love it's sparkly awesomeness.

And, in celebration of a good book, it's Book Fair Week at our school! This year the book fair has an Egyptian theme (where were they two years ago?!). So to kick it off, we dressed a lil crazy and caused a ruckus on the school's morning announcements. That's one of my dear teacher buddies wrapped up in toilet paper. She's such an awesome sport.


  1. Fabulous, as always. And I've said it before, but with the new color I will say it again - your student teacher's hair is A-MAZE-ING!!!!! I mean, the best hair EVER. And oh,by the way, I love The Dot, and his book Ish,too.

    1. Phyl, on her behalf, THANK YOU! She'll love to hear that :)

  2. I just saw this image on Pinterest and had to share the link with you. Perhaps there was a Dot Day Celebration here too?

    1. Hey, look at that! Now that's my kind of street :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Anonymous9/17/2013

    Funny comment about my hometown Stockholm! I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and I love it, especially the outfit parts!

    Marie (a sewing Swedish teacher with a wardrobe full of dots)

    1. WHAT?! Stockholm in the house!? How awesome is that, thank you for reading and commenting. Gotta love a polka dotted Swedish teacher :)

  4. I DO THE DOT TOOOO. and "ish".... love this author...wish I had known about Dot Day!!!!! :-( year!!! Love the attire! You rock it! Hey check out my classroom twitter...trying tweeting b4 I do the blog steps.

  5. I DO THE DOT TOOOO. and "ish".... love this author...wish I had known about Dot Day!!!!! :-( year!!! Love the attire! You rock it! Hey check out my classroom twitter...trying tweeting b4 I do the blog steps.

  6. Anonymous9/20/2016

    I am curious as to how you chained the dots together to form the filter curtain to hang in the windows?


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