Monday, September 1, 2014

What the Art Teacher Wore #112 and a Winner!

Muumuu Monday: Alright, so I know it's not fitted like a muumuu but it's a horrifying vintage number from Hawaii, so it's close. You know, sometimes, I look back on these What I Wore photos and I think "never again. Never EVER again." Oui. vintage dress: thrifted; shoes: Anthro, gift from a friend.
Happy Three Day Weekend to my friends in the states! I hope everyone has made the most of their time off. I know I've devoted the majority of my time occupying my pajamas and crafting. In fact, I done needle-felted so much I've a crick in my neck. It's been awesome having this extra day to relax and rest up for what's sure to be a wild and wacky week.

Just a coupla thingies before I go any further. Firstly, I have LOVED seeing everyone's finished aprons on the Apron Sew-Along Facebook page and in my email mail box (remember, you can send your photos to! I plan to share the finished aprons right here in an official blog post within the next coupla weeks. So you've got plenty of time to start stitchin' if you've not yet. I enjoyed this sew along so much that I was thinking...should we do another? If so, whatcha wanna sew?

And now I'd like to announce the WINNER of the Spiral Art Giveaway! Congrats to TROUTGIRL! 
 If you recall, I tossed the idea of a giveaway out there a couple weeks ago. To enter all you had to do was share your story of how you became the person you are today. What people inspired you? Who influenced you? How were you motivated? If you've not read the comments, you really should. As a teacher, I found them to be so inspiring not to mention tear-jerk-er-y (which is nothing like beef jerky, in care you are wondering). THANK YOU so much to all of you that shared your personal story. I loved every one! As promised, I put everyone's name in a bowl and randomly drew one. I told y'all I'd share the winner's well as send the prize. So, without further chitty-chat, here's Troutgirl's tale: 

I grew up in rural West Virginia where my art studio was the woods and the creek in the back of our house. I used to make early versions of Andy Goldsworthy sculptures out of sticks, ferns, and rocks in-between throwing them at my 2 older brothers who destroyed them as soon as I made them. From there I moved on to trying new mediums such as putting crayons in the toaster oven to make "candles". It didn't end well. I also had The Sunshine Family which were like Barbies but hippies with a vanagon and I used to make all sorts of things for them.I was into deconstructing and recreating most all my toys including painting my green banana seat bike purple with house paint I found. I am just wondering where my parents were? But the real influence was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Pence. She moved to our small WV town from the exotic land of Michigan and we all loved her. She was always very tan and had hair that flipped up. One day Mrs. Pence brought in barn wood and Mod Podge for us to make collages! To this day I LOVE the smell of Mod Podge. It makes me happy. We also make a quilt about our town, did a play, and painted landscapes. It was the first time I loved school. Being an artist wasn't even an option where I grew up but luckily I am super stubborn and always found a way to use art as a classroom teacher then jumped at the chance to just focus on arts education. My art studio still is the woods of the Pacitic Northwest and I finally learned how to make candles the right way.
Rainbows and Unicorns Tuesday: I hosted what I hope will become an annual Donuts with the Art Teacher for parents interested in volunteering in the art room. It went really well and I now have a wee army of moms and dads that are willing to help a crazy art teacher out. More details on how I worked my bribery magic to come. top: thrifted; skirt: vintage, etsy; shoes: Target, last summer; necklace: Paper Source; hair palette: made by me
Speaking of spirograph...I did a lil googling to find that there actually is a HUMAN SPIROGRAPH. His name is Tony Orrico and he's a self proclaimed "artist, performer and choreographer." A former dancer, Orrico performs for up to four hours at a time to create his designs. Armed with a Sharpie in each hand, he works meticulously to create these spirograph-inspired drawings. When the Sharpies start to squeak and run out of ink, the drops them, grabs another set and resumes his work with his nose to the floor or wall.
Watching him is fascinating. I loved hearing about his inspiration. I plan to share his work with the kids this week as apart of our celebration of Dot Day.
Wild Wacky and Always Tacky Wednesday: I love this ridiculously tacky outfit. It's a lifetime goal of mine to look like a middle-aged Rainbow Brite. top: vintage, thrifted; skirt and shoes: thrifted
I think this series of his is my favorite. But, really. Can you imagine working like this? He works by pivoting around on his stomach using his feet to direct him and his arms to create the work. What would that be like, to lay on your stomach for hours, not being able to see your creation? When he stands up and sees what he's made, is he surprised? 
Backwards Thursday: So I spied this dress on the sale rack at Anthro while out shopping with some art teacher buddies this week. I lurved it's bold Andy Warhol-esque but didn't like how it was designed. You see, I'm actually wearing the dress backwards. Which means, when worn correctly, that cape thingie is in the back and it TOTALLY looks like a miniature superhero cape but not in a good way. But, when worn this way, I think it's adorbs. So just seam-ripped out the tag and wore it backwards. In true crazy lady fashion. dress and belt: Anthro
Looking here, I wonder if he purposefully changes the value of his markings or if that's unintentional. On another note, this photo cracks me up. He looks like a kindergartener having a fit on the floor, "argh! I'm so angry Ima gonna just scribble all over the place!". Sorry, Orrico. 
 Half a Day Friday: Well, the kids had a half day, we had a whole one. You teachers know how that goes. I find 'em to be more exhausting than a whole day. But the thought of a three day weekend made it pretty painless. top and skirt: vintage; shoes: Frye, Marshall's
While the ones on the walls look like hairy brains to me (which I like as I often feel fuzzy-headed), I'm in love with the piece on the floor. 
After watching the youtube clip, I really thing that Orrico needs to start is own workout DVD series as this looks like the most insane arm and ab workout I've seen. Seriously. I wanna try this! Who's up for a little Sprio-Body-Graph wit me?! In all seriousness, I love Tony Orrico's work and I'm currently trolling the interwebs for more. 

I do hope you all have a super fab SHORT week! I'll be back shortly with a DIY and a coupla video clips of what life is like on the first couple days of my art class. Until then!


  1. It was fun sewing the apron!!! How about a tote bag or easy skirt for the next sew along???? Love all your blog posts.

    1. Oh, I love the idea of a bag! I would love to do a skirt too...thank you for the suggestions! Did you send me a photo...? Thanks in advance if you already did :)

  2. I just came across Orrico's work recently and I love it. I hadn't seen the interview with him- thanks for sharing!

  3. Didn't this three day weekend go oh so fast? Or maybe it's just me, but the first week back kicked my butt and this weekend sailed by. I love the way you wore the anthro dress, be it backwards or not, its very Kris Kross meets 2014 of you!

    1. HAHA!! I love a Kris Kross reference -- it's TOTALLY gonna make you Jump!Jump! wearing a dress backwards. Who does that?! Oh, wait. And, yeah, weekend went by in a flash, sadly! May the week do the same!

  4. I love so many things about this post- Lite Brite skirt, the backwards dress, pink and green together, donuts for volunteers, learning about Tony Orrico BUT I am especially excited that I am the winner winner chicken (or tofu in my case) dinner. Thank you for your endless generosity of ideas, inspiration, and swag!

    1. Yay!! Congrats to you, hot stuff! AND I loved your story to boot, so that was an added bonus. You're little present is on it's way! Enjoy :)

  5. So... I hope that backwards dress didn't have boob darts making sticky-out points in your back!

    As far as Spirograph man - as a leftie, I always complained about what I call 'the lefty smudge' (is it leftie or lefty? Neither one autocorrects). We lefties get that awful smudge on our left arm/sleeve when writing with pencils or coloring with markers. I think this dude's full body smudge will be WAY worse.

    Plus I'm trying to picture trying to spin around on my belly, and to do this. It might be easy for a man, or a gal with no boobage, bit it wouldn't work for me! (Is it ok to write 'boobage' on a public blog post?)

    1. Um, well, there may or may not have been boob darts on my back. However, the dress was built for a wee busted gal so the darts were small...AND my mass amounts of hair managed to hide 'em. Thankfully.

      You said "full body smudge" and that made me LOL. I was also thinking, most people just wash their hands when their done making art, this guy's gotta take a shower. How do you do that after a performance and people wanna talk to you?!

      You can say "boobage" here all day long, sistah! I love that you did, ha!!


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