Sunday, April 19, 2015

What the Art Teacher Wore #137

 Chalk Artist Monday: On this day, I introduced the school to our visiting artist Lee Jones. To ensure that every class had a chance to hear her speak and see her work, we paraded each grade level in for an assembly. Y'all. Assembly days, even ones where I'm not doing the speaking, wear me the funk out! painted dress: DIY, here; dotted booties: DIY, here; paint drippy scarf: flea market; tights: Target; head piece: from the family of a sweet student

Friends, Romans, the heck are all y'all?! Ima doin' fabuloso on this one-minute-rainy-next-minute-sunny weekend o' mine. It was a crazy week in art teacherin' land but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Monday and Tuesday, as those five of you that read my blog know, my school hosted a visiting artist. And on Tuesday, my superstar second graders tried their hand at the fun. You know you can catch a glimpse here.  

Tuesday evening, I had so much fun chatting it up with Tim Bogatz and Andrew McCormick on AOE Live! Those two dudes are fantastic interviewers and I loved every minute. We laughed, we cried, I convinced them that they needed more bedazzly-goodness in their lives, it was great. If you missed, no worries! You can catch the whole thing here

I dunno if you noticed or not...but you've not seen too many DIY's on this here blog from me of late. That's because I've been working on a super secret and exciting project that I just wrapped up this Saturday. I am so looking forward to sharing the deets with you in the near future. Howeverness, now that it's done, I can resume spending some much needed time with my Brother. Sewing machine that is (sorry, Kristopher Stephens!). 

Stay tuned this week as I hope (fingers crossed) to have a new stitched DIY for you as well as a new lesson complete with video clips. Chat soon, y'all! 
 I'm currently addicted to headpieces, y'all. You see, I've run out of crazy-dressin' real estate everywhere else so it seems the top of my head is just about the only thing left. I'm taking a hat-making class this coming Saturday with a bunch of art teacherin' friends which I'm totes excited about. Hat-tastic blog post to come!
 The AOE Live interview was such a blast. Tim and Andrew are excellent hosts, as y'all that watched prolly figured out. If you didn't have a chance to catch the interview, you can view the whole thing here. We had entirely too much fun cuttin' up. And, what these boys don't know (cuz, c'mon, are they really gonna read a "What the Art Teacher Wore" post?!) is that I wasn't kidding about bedazzlin' their duds...heeheehee. 
 Butterflyin' Tuesday: 'Kay, 'member that time I said that watching a school-wide assembly all day was exhausting. Well, I lied. Teaching 80 2nd graders for two hours how to chalk is exhausting. But they totally loved it AND completely nailed it. They gave me butterflies! butterfly blouse: ebay; butterfly skirt after Warhol: Anthro found on ebay; tights: Target; butterfly hair pieces: something found in the floral section of JoAnn's; shoes: ugh. Just some ugly flats that my feet are currently in love with. 
 Here's a snap of Lee's tiger up in the ceiling. Isn't it fab? When the custodian was putting them up the following morning, he had a big crowd of kids, teachers and parents surrounding him. When he was done, there was a huge round of applause. We are in love with our new ceiling tiger! Details here. 
 Dots and Leopard Wednesday: So the weather here has been super rainy which means I'm in a constant state of chilly. So wearing these scarf deals in the spring seems totally natural. Specially when it's a leopard print scarf cuz you can't go wrong there, says moi. dress: thrifted. I added the leopard to the bottom years ago to give it some length; tights: Target; belt: Amazon; scarf: gift from a student. My kids have the best taste, y'all.
 I know, you just saw 'em. But I love 'em so! I'm so happy that they hang in the hallway outside of my art room so I can enjoy them all the time. Even if everyone walks around like a crazy person with their head flipped backwards.
 Big Ole Skirt Thursday: Ya know. Big enough for me to hide all my tots in. In the AOE Live interview, the dudes asked me if I ever had days when I just didn't feel "on" (um, more than I'd like to admit). I told them that on those days, I walk into my closet, close my eyes and grab three things...and try to create an outfit from that. This gets my sense of play and creativity going. It's also EXACTLY what I did on this day. As if you couldn't tell, riiiiight? sweater: ebay find, years ago; top: garage sale; skirt: antique store; belt and bangles: Mexican market in L.A.
 I just had to share a couple of these seriously precious notes a class of second grade students wrote me after our chalking event. During their art time, while they were weaving away, I read each of the student's notes out loud. I did have a lil moment over the sweetness of their words. 
 Le sigh. 
Hello, Friday!: Have I ever told y'all my Friday schedule? It goes a lil sumpin like this: 2 second grade classes and 2 first grade classes back to back for 30 minutes. Then, lunch (hahahahahaha, what's that?! You call it "lunch" I call it "crap, I have so much stuff to prep for the afternoooooon"). THEN 3 45-minute kindergarten classes back to back. Yeppers. Friday is my kind of par-tay, y'all. Hence the party clothes. dress: Modcloth; sweater and tights: Target; crayon clip: moi; belt: etsy; "artsy" necklace: gift from Phyl
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  1. Are those ombre tights under that big ole skirt? Or maybe it's just my eyes.......

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