Sunday, July 31, 2016

In the Art Room: Calendar of Kindness

Hey, friends! Today is the last day of July which means, for me, it's the last day of summer vacay (insert slow tear trickle down cheek here). I am excited tho because a new school year means new beginnings. It's like what the rest of the non-teaching world calls New Years Resolution except ours begins the first days of school, not the new year. 

As y'all know from my previous posts, I'm focusing with laser beam eyeballs on peace, love and kindness in my art room this year. I've shared with y'all my Calendar of Kindness that I chicken scratched onto a piece of notebook paper. To save your eyeballs, I recreated this one above for y'all to share on your preferred social media sites. I also made a pdf for you to printout, hang up, pass around, wallpaper your bath, you get the idea, here

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I'll be kicking off the first days back with my students with my version of an Escape Game (where the kids will work in teams to solve riddles that will reveal our art room rules! I'll share the lesson with you soon, I'm so excited!). We'll also be doing a collaborative project that will promote peace, love and kindness. To inspire such, I wrote a poem to the tune of Queen's We are the Champions. I created a pdf for y'all here if you are interested.

And THANK YOU so much for the positive feedback about this! I appreciate your enthusiasm and spreading the word...together, we can make our shape our students into caring individuals and make their future a bright one!

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  1. Anonymous7/31/2016

    Good luck on your first day back tomorrow!! Hope you don't have any back to school nightmares tonight!!(mine usually include mass chaos, including kids running with scissors!) In Wisconsin we are still teaching summer school with one month of vaca remains, time to get my party on!!
    Super intrigued with your idea of the Escape Game, I would think your students will LOVE.
    My new religion is to follow your blog...looking forward to this school year and getting a little inspiro from ya.

    1. I HAVE THOSE VERY SAME DREAMS!! Well, it's MY first day back, the kids return on Friday for a half I've got some time to prep and, hopefully, fend off the nightmares ;)

      Oh, I'm super stoked about the whole Escape Game thing too...we actually went to one this weekend for "research purposes" was fun but hard! I've already got mine planned out, just have to film the video clips to go with it. I'll be sure to share it here! And thank you for your kind words! xo!

    2. Anonymous7/31/2016

      Took my son and 8 16yr olds to 2 escape rooms in one night this weekend. Loved it! Cant wait to see your lesson!
      Annie Pigate

    3. Fun!! My husband was all set to tool around Nashville and go to the ones there. Next weekend! They hurt my brain...but that doesn't take much ;)

    4. Thank you Cassie for starting this! I will be using your creation to promote in my art room and around my school as much as I can. I love it all!! Thank you for your creativity and hard work!! 🎨

  2. Anonymous8/01/2016

    Alright Cassie! I'm ready to promote love, peace, and kindness! I feel like a Care Bear with my belly bursting out hearts and rainbows! Just love this idea! I've never heard of The Escape Game before, so I'm interested to read all about it soon! Have an Amazing school year!-M3

  3. Thank You Cassie for starting Kindness, Love and Peace! As the summer unfolded I just kept thinking about my students. Just about everything on the news would effect so many of my students. I've been trying to figure out how to address these issues and concerns in my Art room. I think your idea of promoting Love, Peace and Kindness would really be great for my students, so count me in.

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