Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Art Teacherin' 101: Episode 16

In last week's Art Teacherin' 101, when I chatted about my favorite way to get kids to retain information, I mentioned that I use a lil sing-song and hand-jive to teach the kids the Element of Art. Several of you asked just what that was (and what it looked like) so I thought I'd share it with you today. It's nothing hard or fact, it's so easy you can start using it in your art rooms tomorrow! 
Like, right? Super easy!
I like to use a lot of movement with my students because, well, they're kids. They like to move. Instead of fighting the wiggles, you sometimes gotta find a way to ride that wave. Like I said in the video, big shout out to my friend Erica for the idea! 
"Why teach kids the Elements of Art?" 

I've heard this question asked by art teachers and I'm usually all, that really a question? The E's and The P's (that'd be Principles of Design) are what you use to create a work of art. Not knowing what they are, why they are used, when to use them and how makes for a rocky art making journey. I was much too lazy when I was in high school to be bothered with learning them. I thought that my natural talent was enough. Once I hit college, I realized that my arrogance put me at a disadvantage with my fellow artsy buds as they were fluent in the tools of creating and how to best implement them. I don't want to deprive my students of this knowledge! Tis the reason I teach The E's and The P's...not to mention, it's in our curriculum, y'all.
AND if you are in need of a little line poem, allow me to introduce you to Larry the Line, an oldie but goodie in my art room. 

Have fun!
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  1. Anonymous8/27/2016

    I made up a song to teach my kids complete with body movements for horizontal, diagonal, and vertical. But I love the snake idea! Going to incorporate as well. Let me know if you want a copy of my song. Always a big hit!-M3

  2. You are the best!! I do want a copy! Would you email me at Thanks!!

  3. I have a song for line direction that my friend Alice taught me. It goes to the tune of "I'm a Little Teapot." Hor-i-zon-tal, Hor-i-zon-tal, (arms straight out) Ver-ti-cal, Ver-ti-cal (hands straight in the air, elbows by ears) Di-ag-anal, Di-ag-anal (one arm up to the left, one down to the right or vice versa) Then, fast, horizontal, vertical, horizontal, vertical (fast moves) Di-ag-onal slow at the end. They love it and it gets some wiggles out.

  4. I would love to do your Larry poem with my kiddos!

  5. Anonymous9/20/2016

    Ok, so I'm pretty much channeling you all day long, and IT'S SO FUN. Seriously. I think about your energy and how you present things to the kids and I think "What would Cassie do?" Haha! I did what I'm calling the "Elements Jive" (your hand gestures) with my kids today and they loved it! Especially "color, baby, color" and the form gesture. And I'm TOTALLY gonna do Larry the Line with my kinders soon. Thanks so much for inspiring me!

  6. Anonymous12/30/2016

    Instead of the (glamorous) throat clear to signal student response, I just put my hand up to my ear, indicating the students should repeat or fill in the blank. I also use this to check for understanding w/ older students, or to review art directions w/ them before starting an activity. Such as, "And when you are finished, take your papers and put them __________" (put my hand up to my ear and the class verbally fills in the blank) That way, the ones who know answer and the ones who weren't listening get one more chance to hear the directions.


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