Thursday, November 10, 2016

In the Art Room: #K12ArtChat Tonight!

 Hey, y'all! I'm so excited to be hosting tonight's Twitter chat with the #K12ArtChat kids. We'll be starting this evening at 8:30pm CST and I do hope you'll join the fun. If you've never joined in on a chat before, hold on to your hats! They are so much fun. Here are some tips for you:

If you've never joined the fun of a Twitter chat, here are a couple of things you should know:

*  To join the chat, simply search #k12artchat in the search bar. Starting at 8:30 pm, you'll see the chatter starting with questions from me. To chat a preview of the questions, just scroll downeth. 

* To add to the conversation, begin your tweet with the hashtag #k12artchat and an A for "answer" and the number of the question you are responding to. For example, "#k12artchat A1: I first discovered my love for art at summer camp!" 

* Know your abbreviations. Because of the limited amount of characters, folks will often respond with abbreviations which can be a little confusing. Just think of it like reading a text and the shortened words will make sense. 

* Hold on to your seats: these chats are often only 45 minutes in length. With a half dozen questions and a bunch of folks responding, it can get VERY busy. My first time joining in on a chat involved me just taking it all in. Relax and enjoy the ride.

Another reason I'm thrilled to host the chat is because I'm one of the keynote speakers for the TAEA conference next week! The theme of the conference is Passion and that's one thing I do love to chat about. While at the conference, I'll be talking about my journey of finding my creative and teaching passions. I'll also be leading a needle felting class of 75 folks AND doing a fun Q & A session. All of those things will go down on Saturday at the conference. I can't wait to meet my Texas friends!
 I love hearing about the passion-seeking journey of others. You can share that and more via Facebook or Twitter. 
It's also not too late to submit any questions you might have for me! I'll do my very best to answer them at the conference. And, if you see me there, please be sure and say hello! I love to chat with fellow crazy art teachers (note: we're ALL crazy!) and you know I'm never shy about taking a selfie. So be sure you snag me and say hello!

Until then, I look forward to chatting with all y'all this evening! See you at 8:30 pm CST. 
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  1. Anonymous11/10/2016

    Can't wait!

  2. Melissa Brown11/10/2016

    I can't wait to meet you next week and hear you speak!


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