Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween! Celluclay Haunted House

So, just a side note: I'm SUPER DUPER annoyed today. The last half dozen videos I've shared on my YouTube channel, including the one below, have been flagged as "inappropriate". I'm talking my teaching videos, my art room decor videos, everything. As soon as I post ANYTHING, it's getting flagged and removed from view. I feel MISERABLE about this...and won't be sharing any videos until this gets resolved. It's a waste of my time to post something simply to have it removed. It's obvious it is someone who is a subscriber and just simply removing my videos to be a butthead. Guess what? You've succeeded at being an EPIC butthead. Congratu-butthead-lations. 

On to my completely inappropriate video! Brace yourselves, it totally deserves to be blocked (ha!): 
Having found this little cottage at the thrift, I immediately knew I wanted to haunted house-ify it. The beauty of Celluclay is that you can transform just about anything super easily. I've actually got a slight collection of randoms that I've been gathering from the thrift to transform. For that reason, I'm no longer permitting myself to go into the thrift store for a bit #hoardermuch.
 In the video, you'll see that the house began as simple as a wooden box. Not much of a haunt. I decoded to spook-ify it by adding turrets, a porch, columns and windows a plenty.
 Having Celluclay'ed the daylights outta the thing, I did have to dry it in front of a fan for a day. Even still, I did notice that the areas which didn't dry completely started to mold. No bueno. But when I painted over the entire surface with black acrylic, that seems to solve the mold problem.
 Dry brush is my fave way to paint. I love the antiqued look it adds to my creations. 
 Just a view from the side...and the back. I really wanted to find one of those flickering light bulbs but, alas, I could not. So a wee bulb with some red paint applied would have to do.
I really wanted to add wee lines for the wooden boards on the house, shingles to the roof and that sort of thing...but since Halloween is TODAY and I was painting this LAST NIGHT, I just ran outta time. Next year! Maybe. Okay, probably not, who am I even kidding.
 Y'all don't even know how sad I am that I have to take all of this fun stuff down. My only comfort is that I get to replace it with CHRISTMAS!
 Have a happy and safe Halloween, friends!

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  1. NOOO not fair! I love your youtube videos and I am so grateful that they are free content! I used your Mouse Paint video last week for my 1st grade class to great delight from them and success from my side.
    If it comes down to writing letters or calling on your behalf- you have an army of followers who will vote for you.

  2. People really stink. I love your videos! They are some of the very few that I am so excited to watch that I will use my data when I am out and about rather than waiting until I am home to watch them. This weekend I spied a Frankenstein head while I was out and about. I had so much fun following your video to cover it in cheese cloth and paint it!

  3. Poo to the blocker. Must be someone jealous of your fabulousness! Love the haunted house! Lowe's used to sell flicker bulbs. Great job on the haunty-ness!

  4. Ugh. They are just jealous of your awesomeness. I am sorry this is happening though, we all know and appreciate how very hard you work to make your amazing ideas accessible to all of us.

  5. Wow, absolutely fantastic blog. I am very glad to have such useful information.


  6. You are ART TEACHER GOALS, Cassie! I don't know why someone would report your videos other than that they simply couldn't handle the awesome. I hope it gets resolved soon because I really love your content!


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