Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Symmetrical Cicada Prints!

Hey, y'all! The cicadas are coming! the case of here in Nashville, Tennessee, they are already here. It's been many years since our last cicada summer and while at first I was totally grossed out by these big carcass-leavin' bad boys (and girls), I know rather ... well, I was gonna say "like" but that's a stretch ... appreciate is probably a better word. I appreciate their...gee, what do I appreciate? Their cool look. It's like seeing a bug under a microscope, they are so stinkin' big! 

I've shared several symmetrical printing lessons in the past and they are always a huge hit with all of my students. We've done butterflies (you can find the lesson video in the link)...

And this is kindergarten!

And now cicadas! 

If you are interested in a list of supplies I used, here's a link!

Have fun and stay tuned! I have more on this project coming your way!

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