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Monday, November 9, 2015

DIY: The IKEA Fabric Portrait Dress

Greetings, all y'all! Me and my boots-made-fer-walkin' are happy to introduce you to my made-in-a-day-whilst-procrastinatin'-bunches-of-other-stuff IKEA Fabric Portrait Dress! Which, by the way, is the longest title for a dress everz. But, let's FACE it: this dress is a PEOPLE-pleaser (see what I did there? There's a lotta faces of people on the dress. I'm being puny. Or maybe that's the wine talking.) 

Hey, Nancy, what say you?
You know that girl. She's all about the boots made for walkin'. 

Whenever I'm stitching up mayhem, er, clothing I'm always styling the ensem in my head: how should I style my hairs (big -n- close to heaven)? what shoes would look best (silver go-go's, DUH)? should I wear this creepy-a## hat? 
Answer: Um, no. That hat and face is the stuff of nightmares. REMOVE. IMMEDIATELY-ISH. 
My apologies for that former photo resulting in nightmares. Let's go back to dress-talking, shall we? 
So a while back I found myself at IKEA and I saw this fabric and, foolishly, I did not purchase it. Because, as stated, I'm foolish. Here's a sampling of the heaven that I let pass me by:
I know. I'm an idiot. Now stop drooling cuz I ain't cleaning that mess up. Not long after, a sweet blog reader sent me some photos of her art room FEATURING THIS FABRIC and I lamented my foolish ways. Super kindly, she sent me her scraps in the mail which were just enough for me to whip up this lil number!
Using a dress pattern that I've busted out exactly One Thousand Times (evidence heres, heres and herezzz), I turned those small scarp-ies into something fabulous. IF I do say so. AND I do.
Check out the many faces of Cassie. I got so many dif personalities I'm kinda feelin' Sybil-ized in this dress (Again, do you even appreciate what I did there? I went all un-PC and took multiple-personalities Sybil, paired it with civil and came up with this hilarity. Do you even know how hard it is to be this un-funny?!)  
 Me thinks not. 

Hey, Nan, what you got to say 'bout all this? 
Uh-huh. I see. Well then. Shake what yer mama gave ya, sistah. 
Since all my wee art students are creating selfies right now, I can't wait to wear this to art teacherin' land. Boots and all. But sans hat, y'all. I just can't deal with the parent phone calls about the nightmare-enducing head-topper. Again. Toodles, y'all!
Oh, snap! Check out this hilarity that my famous art teacherin' friend Tricia Fuglestad just posted on my Twitter. LOVE it, thank you, Tricia! 
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