Monday, January 23, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #3

Monday: Having the day off usually means I don't look presentable until around 2pm. Unless I was going to the Walmarts, in which case my slippers, pajamas and ratty hair would have been the standard. top: embroidered top by Urban Outfitters, under top by Target; skirt: Goodwill; tights: probably Marshall's; shoes: sale at Urban Outfitters
Hey, kids. I really don't think I can attach much commentary to this here post as my brain is officially toast. I'm just in from a wonderful visit to the beautiful city of San Francisco to see one of my favorite people. I'm still so warm and fuzzy from my experience, and exhausted from the flight home, that I can hardly string a sentence together. And I just don't wanna do that to you. So! Here's what I wore this week (and what I recommend you don't) and I'll chat with you when my mind returns to it's normal-ish state. Later!
Big-Bun-Looks-Like-a-Hat Tuesday: Kindergartener: Mrs. Stephens, I know what we can make today! A hat just like the one you are wearing. Me: That's my hair, not a hat. Kindergartener: Oh, Mrs. Stephens, you are so silly. That is a hat! sweater: Ann Taylor find at Goodwill; dress: Egyptian-print vintage dress found on etsy; tights: Target; shoes: Indigo by Clarks

Wednesday: So I had to take a kid out into the hall for a little chat. But I noticed his eyes kept rolling up toward the top of my head quizzically. So I told him, "if you can get it together, I'll tell you what's inside my big hair." I had no more problems after that. dress: a gift from a sweet art teacher friend that actually made and wore it back in the day; tights and undershirt: Target: shoes: Indigo by Clarks (what?! They were having a sale!)

If You're Going to San Francisco Thursday: Off to see my best friend from high school! dress: anthropologie; sweater: vintage Goodwill purchase; leg warmers: amazon; boots: Frye

Friday: This photo makes me sad because I'm not living it right now! I had the best time in San Francisco with my friend Ian, his mom and all of his amazing friends. sweater: Ann Taylor picked up at Goodwill; dress: BCBG; fishnets and tights: Marshall's; leg warmers: souvenir from Germany a couple of years ago; boots: Frye

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