Sunday, January 8, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #1

Monday, shopping with the family in downtown Franklin. My last day of break, sniff. sweater: Ann Taylor, thrifted; belt: one by me, for sale in my shop; tights: dunno, Target?; boots: Seychelles picked up at French's Boots; Egyptian-print dress: from this sweet etsy shop
I thought I'd start snapping some photos of what I wear during the work week. I've decided to do this for a couple of reasons. For starters, I absolutely love outfit posts. I am always amazed, not to mention inspired,  by the creative looks people put together.
Tuesday, back to work planning with fellow art teachers. Yeah, yeah, I've still got Christmas decor up. Shut up. sweater: another thrifted Ann Taylor; dress: Black Friday sale at anthropologie; belt: bird buckle by me, for sale in the shop; tights: Target; boots: Frye, another find at French's Boots. You Nashville locals must get yourselves there!
The other reason is, I can never remember what I wore with what. Seriously. For example, that Egyptian print dress in the first photo? When I decided to wear it on Monday, I couldn't remember what sweater I liked to wear with it. This is not a case of "too many clothes" (okay, it actually is, but let's just pretend it's not in case hubs ever decided to read this), it's really a case of terrible memory. I actually had to get on facebook and pull up the photo of myself wearing the dress with the mystery sweater to remember what I wore. Purty sad.
Wednesday, first day back with the littles. Question of the Day: "Mrs. Stephens, do the erasers on the pencil shoes really work?" I told 'em I don't make mistakes so I didn't have a way of finding out. sweater: thrifted (what is it with me and thrifted sweaters?); belt: squirrel buckle, made by me, for sale in the shop; tights: Target; shoes: made by me; dress: vintage, from a great shop called Nostalgia in Knoxville
 Maybe this little weekly clothing diary will help me remember? That's IF I can remember to take the photos. And, sorry, my photos are not going to be polished or professional in any way. I mean, it's just me, my tripod and a timer. I've only got 10 seconds to run in front of the camera, suck it in and attempt not to look more ridiculous than normal.
Thursday, standing in front of my art history timeline. Favorite comment of the day, "Mrs. Stephens, your hair is so tall. Can I touch it?" belt: thrifted; tights: Marshall's; shoes: Clarks; Egyptian-print dress: from another sweet esty seller,
However, I don't plan to document my weekend outfits. They're more functional and kinda boring. Our weekends usually involve a road trip of some kind, hiking or hitting the thrift stores (for more sweaters, of course!). This weekend, for example, we road tripped to Gatlinburg where I was swathed in long johns, sweaters and jeans. Not a look I care to share with others, ya know?
Friday, third day back with the kids and I've already acquired a cold that stole my voice. The soft talking works wonders in the classroom...too bad I'm such a big mouth normally. Hubs is enjoying Silent Cassie a little too much. BTW, I hate this photo. jacket: Modcloth; dress: Francesca's; tights: Marshall's; shoes: Shi; headband: fabric from my stash
So, that's it. If you like, consider this your weekly "What Not to Wear".


  1. Love this post! totally fun! also love you outfits...It's so hard to stay fun & creative/cute in the winter time for me...this inspires me to wear a dress tomorrow!

  2. :) you are just too much fun!

  3. Well, I love your outfits and I must know where French's boots is located!

  4. So fun Cassie! Love the photos, the goofier the better! You sure are stylin'!!


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