Saturday, June 2, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #19

Summer Monday, You're as Good as a Friday in My Book: Ahhh, summer. On this Monday, I wrapped up a visit with my mom that involved some serious estate sale shopping and pizza devouring. dress: Issac Mizrahi, thrifted; sunglasses: ebay; belt: Pinkyotto; shoes: sale room at Anthropologie
 Hi friends! I'm currently on vacation in Sunny-One-Minute-Rainy-the-Next Orlando, Florida. I tell ya, this weather is moodier than me comin down from my morning chocolate-and-coffee combo. Hey, Breakfast of Champions, don't knock it.

This week, I chose a mish-mash of images that either reminded me of my ensemble or my redonkulous photos. I do hope you enjoy. Okay, I'm off to sleep...tomorrow we return to Hollywood Studios for one last day at Star Wars Weekends, eep!
Andy Warhol, Flowers 1970
Pajamas-til-noon-Tuesday: And the only reason I got dressed was because I received this gem of a skirt in the mail. I can't tell you how much I love this skirt, it's covered in Parisian landmarks and came from the sweetest etsy seller out of England. top: Anthropologie, gift from a friend; skirt: PossessedN1; shoes: Clarks; giant flower clip: made by me
Don't you love this? Their full skirts and Eiffel Tower background reminded me of my skirt.
Thrifting and Dining Wednesday: I had so much fun scouring the local thrift shops with a buddy who's just bought her first home. We worked up quite the appetite stopping for caffeine, frozen yogurt and lunch along the way. Please don't ask me why I thought doing a hair flip was appropriate. top: Anthropologie, couple years ago; skirt: made by me, tutorial here; sandals: Target, old
Yeah, so, the hair flip. Okay, honestly, I thought I might look a little something like this. But maybe with my mouth less, uh, agape.
...and yet, I'm pretty sure I look closer to this. Minus the biceps and the strong jawline.
Beachy Thursday: This dress proved to be the best for travel. We flew into Orlando that morning and headed straight to Cocoa Beach. dress: Anthropologie, sale last year; sandals: Chacos
Star Wars Friday!: When my mom gave me my old Empire Strikes Back bedsheets, I knew I couldn't part with them. I've had them in my fabric stash for ages. When our trip to Star Wars Weekends rolled around, I just had to use them to create a dress for the occasion. The pattern is vintage 1960's. I'll share all the details (and more photos!) with you in an upcoming DIY.
Oh, yeah, baby. May the force be with you ;)


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