Sunday, June 10, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #20

Strawberry-Fields-Forever-Monday: On this day we returned to Nashville from our Orlando vacation. And you know what returning from vacation means: laundry. Thankfully, that's hubs job. So I took a nap. top: this place in Nashville called UHL or something. URL? I forget, it's on West End if you are local; skirt and belt: thrifted and vintage; flower: H&M; shoes: nada, it's summer
Happy End-of-the-Week to you, friends! I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but in Nashville, Tennessee the weather has been divine. A couple of months ago, when we were supposed to be transitioning from winter to summer, Mother Nature, in all of her in-need-of-some-serious-prozac glory, decided to skip spring and deliver us endless days of hot sticky heat. This week she relaxed a little bit and we had the most beautiful and mild of spring-like days. 

Maybe I was a little delusional because of the lovely weather, but each outfit this week reminded me of a song. So, for your listening pleasure, here you are. I'd love to hear which song strikes a cord with you. Hope Mother Nature is on your side and your day is just lovely!
Love this video of the four running around being their silly awesome selves. See it here.

I-Never-Promised-You-A-Rose-Garden-Tuesday: This day was a fun and full one, meeting up with some art teacher buddies for a birthday celebration. dress: vintage; sandals: old, Target; sunglasses: ebay; flower: made by me

Love this song...but in the short clip, her floor-length minty green striped dress with matching shoes is a sight to behold. Take a look-see.

That's-Amore-Wednesday: This was an errand-running-catching-up-on-a-belt-order kind of day. I felt very much like I should be out on a gondola in that top. top: Forever 21; belt and skirt: vintage, thrifted; sandals: Lucky Brand

Okay, you must stop what you are doing and immediately go check out Dean Martin here. You won't regret it.

Girls-Girls-Girls-Thursday: Our terrific trip to Graceland which you can read more about here. On Quincy: swimsuit: Lena Hoscheck; skirt: Quincy has her own vintage-inspired clothing line and this skirt is from there. You must visit her shop here. On Emma: Emma's make up and hair is always stunning, which you can see on her beautiful blog. dress: Anthropologie. On me: dress: vintage, The Hip Zipper

Nothing says summer like this short clip by our friend at Graceland. Thank you, Elivs, for all of your awesomeness.

Summertime-Friday: On this day a buddy and I scored big at several garage sales. Thankfully this buddy noticed that I'd been walking around with my dress only half-way zipped up (eep!) before I went off to catch up with friend I'd not seen in years. I can't imagine what impression that would have made! dress: You tired of this dress yet? It's my summertime fave. Forever21; sandals: Sseko with straps sewn by me.

I love Sam Cooke and I really love his version of the song Summertime. He actually did another version here ... to be enjoyed with a video of some guy doing crazy stunts down a water slide...whah?

But I have a big soft spot for Janis. I love her...and I love seeing this recording session with her and the Big Brother Holding Company.

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