Sunday, June 24, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #22

Last Minute Bag Packing Monday: Yeah, I've gotten really bad at bag-packing-procrastination lately. Which means each trip I manage to come home with a new umbrella, toothbrush and a pair of shades. dress: thrifted Target dress that I added the big bow to last summer; hair clips: H & M
Well, hello, er, guten tag, amigos (what, you didn't know I was trilingual?). I thought I'd share with you what I wore around the states and Deutschland this week. I found these wonderful vintage vacation advertisements for Germany that I just had to share as well. My apologies for the photos, they aren't my best work. But the model was experiencing some serious jet-lag and gelato-hangovers so I did what I could. 

I do hope you have a lovely week. I'll be back shortly as I have a little traveling craft I've been working on that I'm excited to share. Until then, auf wiedersehen!
The weather has been absolutely lovely here. It's that perfect spring time temperature without any humidity like we have back in Nashville. Images via pinterest.

Flying Day and Night: Knowing that I'd be traveling by car and plane for 12 hours, I decided to wear the comfiest thing I could. dress: Gap with embroidery DIY you can read about here; tights: Target; sandals: DIY you can read about here.
I actually love a long plane ride. We don't have cable at Casa de Cassie so that wee telly and I do a lot of catching up on those 8 hour flights.
Dinner in Neustadt an der Aisch Wednesday: The company that my hubs works for is located in this sweet village. We snapped this photo on our walk home from a very filling traditional German dinner at a local brewery. sweater: vintage, thrifted; dress: vintage, Pre-Post Modern in Nashville; bag: Anthropologie, last winter
I love this country, especially in the summer. I have visited two other times in the late fall...which has been wonderful because of the Christmas Markets...but so chilly! The summer here means delightful temps and sunset at 10pm.
Guided Tour Thursday: I was so excited to have a sweet friend guide me through Rothenburg. Photos of my adventures there (as well as Jes') soon. sweater: Target, old; dress: thrifted vintage; belt and flower clip: H & M
But when my tour guide had to work, I was left to my own devices...that's right, me on the autobahn in a VW, of course! Thankfully I was once again in good company and bossed around by a GPS. 
Nuremberg, I Think I Love You: Okay, I know I do. I've visited three days in a row! It's the most delightful town. I've been through castles, churches, an artist's studio and shops. Lots and lots of shops. I was so excited to score my second pair of Irregular Choice shoes -- eep! sweater: Target, old; dress: Anthropologie, a couple years old; best shoes for walking on cobble stoned streets: Chacos, of course
I even managed to find some vintage Nuremberg postcards today in an "antik" shop. Vintage postcards are my fave, especially those with writing and postage, so fun.


  1. Love your outfits, Cassie!!! :) Seeing some of these shots of Germany makes me wish even more that eventually we'll get stationed there. I've never been able to travel outside of the US, and Europe is top on my list of places to go! :)

  2. Dear Cassie, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Europe. You certainly look beautiful! Love those dresses!

  3. I grew up in Belgium until I was almost 14, so it's always fun to see "friends'" photos of the general area! I've actually been to Rothenburg for Christmas! Did you go to Kathe Wohlfahrt's? SO gorgeous. It looks like you're having a wonderful time and I'm SO jealous! :o)

  4. oh cassie Im so glad u enjoyed Germany its a fabulous country i was there in may. u look so gorgeous i love all your outfits especially the coloured dress wit the little white cardigan its so feminine. hope ur recovered from your jetlag i hate it. makes me feel so awful. have a great week kisses from Dublin xx leonie

  5. me again wow cassie iv just seen the red dress don't know how i missed this gem its gorgeous lucky u u have a fabulous dress collection i find it hard to get my size in the vintage shops here u look so gorgeous. ok over and out from ur Irish friend kisses xx leonie.


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