Thursday, July 19, 2012

DIY: The Gladys Presley Poodle Dress

Look, ma, no arms!
 Today I can proudly say I accomplished somethings. That's right, plural. Most days I'm lucky if I can accomplish a good hair washing (which, ahem, today was not one of those days) but today I was all about finishing somethings off: decorating the thematic area of my art room (cannot wait to share that with you!) and this here dress.
Now you can see the real reason I was hiding my hands. And why I couldn't wash my hair today -- I'd never remember to pick up bananas if I did!
 You might recognize this dress pattern if you've been reading for a while. It's the same pattern I used to create my Empire Strikes Back dress for Star Wars Weekends. You remember, the one where I almost got Boba Fett's digits if hubs hadn't blown my cover. Take a look-see here if you need a refresher.
I'm currently on a big time 1950's poodle kick. When I share my art room decor with you, you'll see what I mean.
 You might also recall this little prissy poodle. This was my traveling DIY I worked on while overseas. I based the poodle off of the little pups found on the wallpaper in Gladys Presley's bathroom. You can read all about that and my trip to Graceland here.
How do you know when it's time to wash your hair? When hubs refers to it as "troll hair". Since when do trolls rock bump-its, I ask you?
 I was so excited when we returned from our trip to finish this dress. I've decided to create a couple of thematic dresses for this school year and this one ties in perfectly with one project idea I have in mind. 
A close up of the wallpaper in Gladys Presley's bathroom. Do you see the poodle I used as my inspiration? I added the beret.
 Despite the fact that I've now sewn three dresses from this same pattern (what? practice makes perfect-ish), I struggle with it every time. I blame bad memory and an inability to understand long sentences that don't involve multiple pictures. In color. With cute cartoon characters. Talking poodles would be good.

Did I mention that part of the problem might also be my undiagnosed ADHD?
Oh, look, I'm having another one of my pharmaceutical-drug-ad-photo-moments: If you suffer from the inability to read multiple sentences without talking cartoon poodles, ask your doctor about NotBeingaCrazyPerson. Possible side effects of taking NotBeingaCrazyPerson include: acting like a grown up, not wearing bump-its, and washing your hair. Use as directed.
 But it all came together. Finally. I can actually say that I no longer dread putting in the armhole facing-thingies. I mean, as a self-taught sewer (well, with the help of my Memphis bud) but I can easily say that sewing from a pattern really is just a matter of following the directions. And seam ripping. Lots of seam ripping.
I am so in love with this puppy print. I'm sending some off to the amazing Jen of Peachy Tuesday. I cannot wait to see what adorable hair accessories she creates with this.
 Along the way, I discovered this fabric designer: Tammis Keefe. Have you heard of her? This fabric is actually a reproduction of a printed pattern from many years ago. It's funny, without my knowing it, I have recently purchased three of her fabric designs. I love her style, it' so stinkin' cute.
El Fronto.

La Backo. Looks like someone needs to add a hook and eye to the top of the dress. Or just lay some dirty hair over it. Which is most likely.
 Well,  now that it's finished, I wonder what Gladys would have thought of my dress...or better yet, her hunky son...
Well, that looks like a wink of approval to me, E. Thank ya.
I keep having these dofus moments where I don't make it in front of the camera in time. Which results in these kind of shots. Whatcha think, E?

Yeah, it's a stare I'm used to.
Do you know this lady? Elvis did, if that give you a hint.
So, there you have it. My completed Gladys Presley Poodle Dress. Now, if I could get my hair to Priscilla Presley Perfection, I'd be out of Troll Hair Land and into Mushroom Cloud Hair Territory. It's good to have something to aspire to. 

Be sure to drop by within the next couple of days to see my art room. Here's a hint on the theme: it is Tres Magnifique!


  1. Yayyy! I love it! You did such a great job!


    1. Thanks, Emma! It only took long?!

  2. You are too freakin cute! the dress is adorable! I remember seeing that fabric at textiles!

    1. Hey, thanks! And Textile is where I got it...the day BEFORE the sale started. Geesh.

  3. I love it, more people should have clothing with dogs on them, especially poodles and sausage dogs, so cute! You always pick up the cutest prints, I'm uber jealous!

    1. I agree with you, poodles on everything would be pretty fab in my book!

  4. That puppy print is adorable! and I like mix of thosae colors :)) Gorgeous dress

    1. Thank you! The other prints by Tammis Keefe are equally adorable, you'll have to check them out. ...Cassie

  5. You are too funny!! crack me up...Adorable dress. What a good job. I stink at following patterns, seam ripping master--right here!! Thanks for the Textile Designer name, I'll have to keep her in mind for future possible purchases. I look forward to seeing these poodles aside some felt, buttons and embroidery floss soon;)

    1. I can't wait either...I also can't wait to show you some of the Halloween fabric. You are gonna love it! I'll get it out this coming week. ...Cassie

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