Friday, July 6, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #24

Motivated Monday: Some days, I've just got it. Motivation, that is. Most days I'm a useless slug. But on this day, I was all about the laundry, the cleaning and the dying of this dress...which I'm still losing sleep over. Note to self: no dying, hemming or drastic-vintage-dress-decision-making whilst pms'ing. dress: vintage, thrifted, sweated thru then dyed then hemmed by me
 Hiya, friends. How are you? Is it just me or has this week been screwy as all get out? It's that middle-of-the-week-holiday thing that threw me off. Wednesday felt like Sunday which made Thursday feel like Monday and Friday just wasn't as cool as it usually is. But, whatevs, the fireworks were cool (oh, who am I kidding, this ole bag and her party animal hubs were both in bed by 9pm).

Apart from this week trippin' me out, it was a good one. I got to catch up with some friends, do some estate sale shopping and a wee bit of crafting. So I thought I'd share just a bit of that with you, along with what I wore, this week. This weekend and upcoming week is going to be an exciting one for me as I'm attending the Tennessee Arts Academy. So if I'm a little pokey on the posts, I do hope you'll understand. I'll be certain to fill you in on all of the awesomeness that is the Arts Academy soon. Until then, enjoy your weekend!
Uh huh, you thought I gave up hookin', didn't you? Because it's not a craft that travels well, it has been neglected of late. However, I'm excited to share with you the two squares on the right that have recently been finished.
Car-Jumpin' Tuesday: I went to visit my adorable and amazing former-student-teacher-now-middle-school-art-teacher Lauren on this day in her new school! You might remember her and her artsy looks from these outfit posts. Sadly, after our visit, I had to bother her kind vice principal for a car jump as my GPS decided to go rogue, fall off the windshield, bump my hazards which blinked for hours on end causing my battery to die. What kind of Terrible Tuesday Domino Effect is that, anyway?! same dress; sandals:  made by me with this DIY
This may sound silly to you...but every summer, I've always wanted to spend my Fridays estate/garage/yard saling. And every summer, I've neglected to do so because I hated the idea of goin' it alone. This summer I've got a couple buddies that love to go with me and I'm so excited about that and my great finds! I found this beautiful book and creepy letter opener on a recent saling trip.
Happy Fourth of July Wednesday: We celebrated our independence by shopping at Goodwill and running into this sweet girl and her hubs. dress: the first dress I ever made based off of a pillow sack dress idea, vintage fabric; flowers in my hair: one by me, the other by H & M; sandals: old, BC Footware
One of my favorite estate sale finds: vintage hankies. Antique stores now ask for almost $6 per hankie...I managed to score all of these for half that. I'm thinking of collecting more to create another one of these skirts.
Ladies that Lunch Thursday: Met up with an incredible art educator and professor for a delish lunch on this day. dress: Forever 21, old. I added the brown and mustard yellow bands of fabric at the bottom to add some length. My thighs just aren't up for that much air time; belt: made by me; sandals: You've seen me wear 'em to death, old ones from Target
Ashie's new favorite place to spend her afternoons is on bird duty in this chair overlooking the deck. During this nap she missed the two dozen bird party we happened to be hosting in our bird bath.
Early Morning Estate Saling/East Nashville Lunching/Car Tire Exploding/Tire Buying Fun Friday: Yeah, throw in a thunderstorm, a near wallet snatching and a 110 degree day and you've got yourself more fun that you can handle. Thankfully I had a good buddy to get me through it! dress: vintage, thrifted; coral floral pins: made by me
"Um, did somebody say Bird Bath Party?! Where??" Poor kitty, I swear she misses all the action.


  1. What an adventurous week you've had! Sorry for all your mishaps, I'm sure your time at the academy will make up for it all! Have fun! Post all your ideas and creations for me to steal:)

    1. You know I will! I'm excited about this week, the teachers are from all over and are awesome! One of these summers, you've gotta come down here and join the fun! You have an open invite ;) ...Cassie

  2. LOVE those hankies! Such possibility...

    1. I know! I think vintage hankies are my fave.

  3. hi cassie, wow what a busy girl you are, you look so lovely you did a great job of dying that dress is looks fantastic, all your outfits are just gorgeous, i especially love the red and blue one and those shoes with it are really lovely, you have great legs by the way for those shorter dresses, no chance of wearing anything like that here, raining all today, bit fed up now of it, cant wait for my holidays, hope you and your husband had a great weekend, kisses from dublin xx leonie

    1. You are just the sweetest, you kind comments make my day! Well, we are supposed to get some much needed rain each day this week...maybe there will be some sunshine in ole Ireland for you! Let's trade for a while, what do you say? ;) ...Hope you have a lovely week!


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