Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What the Art Teacher Wore #26

Back-in-the-Saddle Monday: I ventured into my classroom for the first time since the last day of school on Monday. So much to do, so little time! dress: Anthro, sale from a couple summers ago; sweater: Anthro, great sale going on now; rope sandals: Nomadic State of Mind. bird belt: made by me
Well, I suppose I should have titled this post What I Wore Last Week as I'm a bit late getting this up. I've got an excuse though: hubs has a lovely week's vacation and we are currently taking multiple road trips. We just spent the last couple of days in a very hot St. Louis visiting good friends, dining at awesome spots (Ted Drewes Frozen Custard -- oh my!) and hitting some of the best vintage shops I've been to. This town is a thrifty girl's dream as I've never seen so many vintage, consignment and thrift shops in one area. I'll be certain to share those shops and my finds with you in the nearish future.

And, since I'm such a sharer (actually, not so much, I got poor marks on such in kindergarten), I thought I'd share with you some little-known-kinda-embarrassing facts about me along with my outfit photos. I'm calling these little segments True Confessions aka I Was Too Lazy to Find Artwork that Matched My Outfits So I Went With Random Photos on my Camera Instead.
True Confession #1: Because I take my own outfit photos with a ten second timer, I have to scramble to get in front of the camera. This scrambling often leads to the cat getting stepped on, me running into chairs and, well, the unexplainable, like what you see above. I have more doofus photos like this then I care to admit.
When It Finally Rains, It Pours Tuesday: And pouring rain plus rope sandals, it turns out, do not go together well. Der. dress: my fave vintage shop in Knoxville Four Seasons Cottage, so excited I get to go there at the end of the week! flower: H&M
True Confession #2: I love GnR. Yes, seriously. This is my ride-into-work rockin-out music. I play Appetite for Destruction loud and proud with my terrible singing to boot. What can I say, I was an influential tween in the late '80's with a severe case of hair envy. And who doesn't wanna be Welcome(d) to the Jungle? I mean, after all, they've got fun and games.
A Little Work, A Little Play Wednesday: I used to have these Strawberry Shortcake Sheets that said: A Little Work, A Little Play, All Add Up to a Berry Nice Day. I couldn't agree more. I worked in my room and then met up with a good friend. We shopped, dined and shopped some more. dress: The Hip Zipper, a vintage joint here in Nashville; headband: Pangea, a groovy little shop in Nashville as well.
True Confession #3: My hubs and I have a severe addiction to haunted houses. Not the kind that are really haunted but the ones where we pay money to enter a dark building and actors chase us with chainsaws and bloody masks. Starting as early as September, we begin attending these houses and we love every minute. So much so, I recently purchased the above fabric to sew a dress for the occasion. Muwahahaha.
Finishing It Off Thursday: Dress, done. Windows, done-r. Feelin' pretty accomplished, done-est. And to think they put me in AP English school. Silly teachers. dress: made by moi, you can read more here; sandals: Frye
True Confession #4: Aside from having multiple doofus moments on my camera, I also have way too many of this sweet girl. Every time I see her all snuggled up and sleepy, I take a dozen photos which I promptly download and doctor on picassa. Can you really blame me? I mean look at dat sweet widdle fuzzy face!
Friday: I forgot to mention that on Wednesday, when catching up with my buddy, I also was the recipient of her closet-clean-out. And her closet is Uh-Mazing. I managed to score some dresses, a coat and this top from Anthro. skirt: Anthro, picked up at the resale/vintage shop Paris Market; belt: by me; sandals and necklace: old, Target
True Confession #5: I have a mad sweet tooth. I mean, it's bad. Candy must be consumed after every meal (even breakfast). I almost always have a bag of candy with me...although these 110 temps have made that nearly impossible. I just might have to invest in a mini-candy-cooler.

 And there you have it, all the things you never needed to know about me. If anything, I'm sure this is a boost to your self esteem: "...well, at least I'm not as crazy as that candy-eating-for-breakfast, Guns-and-Roses-singing, haunted-house-addicted cat-lady." 

Yep. It could always be worse.

Enjoy your week, kids!


  1. Guns N'Roses, cats and candy. My kinda gal, we share the appetite for destruction! (because you're cray- zey... CRAYYYYY- ZEEEEY!)

    1. haha! I knew there'd be a like minded gal out there some where!

  2. Mallory7/25/2012

    Shoot, I'm now convinced all my besties love Guns n' Roses! I do feel better hearing your confession about a sweet tooth, I, too, will eat it at any given chance until something stops me (running out candy is usually the reason). I can't wait to see the Haunted House/ Horror Dress! I need me one of those ( in my true Missipp' accent). Beautiful as usual you were this week! Oh, and I still have my Strawberry Shortcake cup, it sits next to my sink at my parents house so no one can use it :)

    1. If I have some of the horror fabric left, it's yours! I still think it'd make a great pillow for your horror room!

  3. Mini candy cooler? Genius!

    Love all your outfits, lady! Especially that second dress; stripes are what my closet needs more of (in dress form--not tshirts; I have soooo many striped tshirts it's not funny. lol.). ;)


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