Monday, March 25, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #60

Belated St. Patty's Monday: I was so bummed that St. Patty's Day fell on a Sunday this year! So I decided to extend it to Monday. I was determined to wear these amazing tartan stockings sent to me from Debi in Scotland. And, yeah, I know, St. Patty's Day is an Irish holiday not a Scottish one. I'm not that culturally confused. dress and sweater: both thrifted; the sweater has lace detailing and vintage buttons added by me a couple years ago; necklaces: gifts; belt and boots: you are gonna see this boots a lot in the next couple weeks; both anthro; tartan tights: Debi in Scotland!
This week, this happened:

 After showing a fourth grade student some weaving trick, she was rightfully impressed by my mad teaching skillz. 

Fourth Grader: Wow! That's amazing!
Me: Yep, I know. That's why they pay me the big bucks.
Fourth Grader: (looking up from her weaving in disbelief) Wait, they PAY you?!

Yeah. They most certainly do. And sometimes they pay me not so show up (which I'm sure they'd do more often if the budget would allow).

That's right, I'm currently experiencing the most amazing thing on the planet: Spring Break! Hubs and I are currently in LA going for hikes, vintage shopping and taking in nightly visits to Disneyland. I'll be certain to fill you in soon. Until then, here's a bit of what I wore and some vintage LA goodness. Enjoy your week!

Check out the source of this postcard and read all about the second largest city in the U.S. here.
 British Invasion, Again: Now that our two-week clay animal project is complete (for now, the glazing will begin after spring break), we're back in the UK. Which means we are back to listening to One Direction 24/7. sweater: Delias; dress: super old, Francescas; tights: Anthropologie; shoes: Fluevog
Isn't it lovely? On my first trip to LA several years ago, I traveled to many of the old missions as you can see in that circular photo. Never saw a steamboat though.

First Day of Spring Wednesday: Since scoring this lovely Bernie Dexter dress on ebay back in the fall, I've been dying for an excuse to wear it. The chilly first day of spring seemed like the perfect occasion. dress: Bernie Dexter; blouse: gift from a friend; fishnets and tights: Target; belt and boots: can you tell I love this combo? I wear it all the time! Anthro

Borrowed from this lovely blog.
Sunny California Thursday:  I spent this day catching up with a college buddy and hitting the best vintage shops on West Magnolia in Burbank. Where I didn't buy a single thing. Which is some kind of record for me. Don't worry, I made up for it though. And then some. sweater and dress: Anthro, purchased for cheap at Buffalo Exchange on my last trip to LA; boots: you know; tights and fishnets: Target
  Oui! LA traffic is the absolute worst. Seriously, I don't know how people do it. Luckily hubs does most of the driving while I'm passed out dead-to-the-world in the passenger seat. That is until he has to slam on the breaks or make a hard swerve to avoid the craziness. Image via pinterest.
'Bout to Break a Bench Friday: But I'm not worried. I've got my trusty pack of Newport cigarettes by my side. I was laughing at just how classy that was gonna look when Mitch snapped this photo. dress: my only polyester vintage number. I hate polyester but I do love this dress; tights: Target
Vintage travel constant day dream is to be able to time travel back to the 1950s and shop for just a few hours. LA time travel would suit me just fine.


  1. British Invasion sweater!! Wish I'd had it a couple of days ago when I went to see MY teen idol (47 years before One Direction) in concert. Peter Noone, and Herman's Hermits, live and up close! Swoon... I'd like to see today's teenybopper idols have that kind of staying power!

  2. Aw, I love Herman's Hermits!! I need to be playing THAT in the art room!

  3. Yay!M so happy to see the st. Party's tights!! So fun! And I just love the Bernie Dexter dress you found...uh-oh...another thing to look for on ebay (along with irregular choice

    1. Ah, yes, Irregular Choice, how I love thee! Have you looked into their sister brand Poetic License (at least I think they are connected)...? I also have a soft spot for John Fluevogs but they are kinda pricey!

  4. Hi! You make me smile every week!

    I have Art Club classes at three elementary schools here in Redmond, WA, near Seattle. We're doing a weaving installation of 300 woven-on CDs at the Bellevue Arts Museum. Let me know if you'd like more info-maybe your students would like to participate with us! I've got about 140 students, so I'm hoping to get lots more kids involved.
    You can check out the CD tutorial over at my blog:

    1. Hey!! Thank you, I would definitely love more info! My second graders just finished a CD weaving project and just loved it!! I would love to learn more about what you are doing with the weavings :)


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