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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

We Are Woven Together!

I've been thinking of new art lessons to bring into my art room this coming school year. I always want my lessons to have a focus on kindness, acceptance, empathy and love because, to me, that's what art is all about. I have put together a list of my favorite books to use when teaching and I thought I'd share it with you. 
As for the weaving project, you'll need a piece of white and black paper; yellow, red, white and black paint; a paintbrush and a cup of water; scissors and glue. Here we go:
I've been getting a lot of questions lately on how I plan to approach these types of lessons in my art room. Honestly, I'm going to be spending my summer reading, listening and learning. I don't know the answer to that question...yet. But I am open to learning. For now, this is my starting point and I thought I would share. 
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Monday, May 25, 2020

Summer Vacation Week!

 It's officially summer! My summer vacation began last week but I'm going to continue to teach live art classes one more week! Here is our line up for this week. I go live every week day on my Instagram and my Facebook page. You can of course catch my videos afterward over on my YouTube channel. New videos are added all the time so be sure to subscribe! 

Here is our line up for this week. We'll kick things off with a Summertime Selfie!
It wouldn't be a week of creating with me without Salt Dough Clay!  
 Last week, the kids really loved origami so I decided to do another origami project! 
 On Friday, we'll sail away to other adventures and beyond in this hot air balloon pop-up! 
See you soon!

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Friday, May 22, 2020

Let's Draw a Disco Ball!

Got markers? Then you have all you need (well, you'll also need paper, a plate or bowl to trace, a cup of water and a paintbrush too) to create your very own disco ball. Throw some crayons in there and write a little message under your ball as well. This project is fun, easy and SUPER COOL! Let's boogie, y'all!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Under the Sea Week: A Coral Reef Relief Collage

 Yesterday, as apart of our Under the Sea Week, we created Coral Reef Relief Collages! If you want to create your own, grab the following supplies:
And now, let's create:
This one is so much fun and the possibilities are endless. 

If you want to join LIVE art class today, here's what you'll need! You can find me LIVE on my Facebook page, my Instagram or join the fun later by tuning in to my YouTube channel. Be sure and subscribe, new videos are added all the time! 

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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Let it Glow: Monsters in the City!

A lesson that I was sharing a lot of images from on my Instagram got a whole lot of love and questions this year and that was this Monsters in the City project! After learning about the artist Kudu-Lah, my students began by designing their cities and creating a series of monsters. I thought I'd share some images from our project but also create a video to walk you and your students through. Because these works of art were going to be apart of our Glow Gallery, I'll be sharing my favorite glow products from Pacon. With my students, we used 24"X36" sheets of paper for the cities and 12"X18" paper for the monsters. I'll be working half that size for the video. And my paper of choice is Pacon's Mixed Media paper. Here you go:
If you are doing this at home, try using a permanent marker to draw your cities and monsters with. Then add color with crayons, markers, colored pencils or paint! 
 In my thirty-minute art classes, my fourth graders spent two days drawing their cityscapes. 
The following day we used fluorescent oil pastels and watercolor for the sky. 
Then we created TONS of monsters! I had them make as many as they could to really loosen them up. I love the variety they achieved! 
 We used our fluorescent paint to make them glow!
Then we cut them out to add to our cities! We used a little bit of foam and cardboard glued to the back of the monsters to make them pop up from our cities. For a sneak peak of last year's glow gallery, check this out:

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Friday, April 17, 2020

Dinosaur Week: Pop-Up Dinosaurs Love Snacks!

Our Dinosaur Week adventures continued on Thursday with this super fun activity: Dinosaurs Love Snacks! Here's the supplies suggested:
And here's the video so you can create along with me!
Have fun!
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Superhero Week: Super Pop-Up Card!

Wow! The artists who joined me live yesterday really had a lot of fun with this one: a Super Pop-Up Card! If you've not made a pop-up card before, you really outta give this simple project a shot. Here's the list of supplies you'll need:
You'll need two pieces of paper, one for the card and the other for your buildings and superhero. And here's how you can create your own card:
The possibilities of what you can create with this simple pop-up concept are limitless! If you want to join us today, here's what you might want to have on hand:
You can watch LIVE today (and every weekday) on my Facebook or my Instagram. You can also watch all videos the next day on my YouTube channel. New videos are up all the time so you might want to be sure to subscribe! 
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Zany Scientists! Exploding Beakers and Floating Chalk Prints!

Yesterday we did one of my favorite art projects so far: Exploding Beakers! We followed that up with a fun science experiment of making floating chalk prints. In case you missed the fun, no worries, here's the video:
In case you need a list of supplies, here you go:

 If you want to join the fun today, you can do so here on Facebook or here on Instagram. Be sure and subscribe here on YouTube so you can keep up with all of our Zany Scientist happenings! You can also catch all of the Robot Week videos there too! 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Zany Scientists! Scientist Selfie and Bubble Prints!

 What a fun turnout we had yesterday for Zany Scientists Week! In case you missed it, I'm doing a LIVE art and science class every day this week! You can join the live class two ways: my Facebook or my Instagram. And, if you miss any of the live art classes, not to worry as they all get posted to my YouTube channel! I have a ton of art makin' videos there and upload new ones often so you might want to subscribe. If you missed any of Robot Week, you can find all of the videos there!  
Watch here!
Here is the short list of supplies needed to follow along with this art and science activity. And if you'd like to join the fun today, here's what you'll need: 

Hope to see you there! 
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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Art Teacherin' Extravaganza!

Hey, y'all! If you follow me on Instagram or you have signed up for my email newsletter, then you've heard the big news: I'm throwing an Art Teacherin' Extravaganza! I'll be sharing more details here but if you just wanna jump on board and reserve your spot, go ahead and do so here!
 I've been working on putting together this experience for the last couple of months although, to be honest, it's been on my mind for years! So often there are not professional development opportunities for art teachers or when we do have them, they don't offer what it is we really need and want: hands-on creating! Here's a little more:
But, really and truly, the real reason I created this extravaganza is that I want to see you. I want to spend time with you. I know in my lonely teaching art can be. I spent the first ten years of my teaching career carrying around that shadow of loneliness. I know I've chatted about it at length on my podcast which you can hear here:

Knowing of my experience with loneliness, I wanted to carve out a time for you and me this summer to spend time together, meet other like-minded folks, make new friends and, best of all, create! Here's where the extravaganza will be held:
Montgomery Bell State Park has so much to offer! There's canoeing, fishing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding and much more. This might just be a great little vacation for you and your family this summer. While you are hanging with me, they could explore the park and all that is has to offer. Not to mention that Nashville is just 45 minutes away and is a buzz with stuff to do! For those attending, I'll be creating a list of my favorite things to share with you soon so you can plan your trip!
The Inn at the park has a very limited amount of rooms set aside for attendees. However, there are a ton of hotels just five miles down the road in the town of Dickson. I included a list of those hotels here. I'd recommend getting in on Thursday night so you are ready for everything on Friday morning. I'm working on creating a Facebook group for attendees to chat with friends and meet potential roomies to lower the accommodation costs.
I tried my best to think of every question you may have but I am sure I've forgotten something. So feel free to drop me a line! You can email me at Love to hear from you and, hopefully, see you real soon!

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

In the Art Room: My Favorite Chalk Pastels Projects and Techniques!

Hey, friends! We are currently up to our elbows in chalk projects in my art room and it got me thinking...I should share my Top 12 Chalk Pastel Projects with y'all AND my tips and tricks. I steered clear of chalk for the longest time because of the mess; the lack of understanding how to set the stuff and because the chalk I had on hand for my kids was, well, crap. So I'm gonna debunk all of this chalk nonsense and hopefully help you get excited to bring this beautiful and vibrant medium into your art room. In this post, I'll share my fave projects but if you want even more details, check out this podcast episode:
Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Abstract Portraits I don't often repeat lessons, but this one is a hit year after year. Follow the link to a video that you can share in your art room. 
 Symmetrical Butterfly Project with Second Grade This lesson includes a video! It was a fun project that I did with my second graders and each one was a beauty. 
Claire West Inspired Landscapes with Chalk and Liquid Starch If you've never used liquid starch with chalk before, oh boy, y'all are in for a treat! This hack is magical and I cannot wait for you to give it a go. More details in this blog post. 
Faux Stained Glass Project We did this a few years back and the results were so striking! You can find more details here. 
 Sandra Silberzweig Inspired Fish! I love Sandra Silberzweig and her work as do my students. Anytime I can share her with the kids, you better believe I'm gonna. This project did just that. Video included!
 Crayon Chalk Collaborative Working together, my students created these large pieces that were so fab. You can see all the details here. 
 Fourth Grade Fauve Portraits This project uses the chalk and liquid starch trick and the results are so vibrant. More details here. 
 Desert Landscapes with Third Grade Stencils and chalk go so well together. More details on this fun lesson here. 
 Floating Chalk Prints! Behold! This is the coolest thing you can do with chalk. Don't believe me? Check this link! 
 James Russo Inspired Animals with Chalk and Oil Pastel We're the tigers at my school so this project was just perfect. More here. 
 Glennray Tutor Inspired Marble Project This one was fun and had the kids so excited to work in the third dimension! 
Annual Ceiling Tile Legacy Project! This is a massive undertaking I do every year with second-grade students. They create chalked ceiling tiles that are then placed in the ceiling permanently. How fun is that? More here. 

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