Sunday, April 14, 2013

What the Art Teacher Wore #63

Colorful Monday: The kids are glazing their clay animals this week (and probably next, they are so intent on painting carefully. I don't know what's gotten in to them!) and they are allowed to use every color in the rainbow. To illustrate, I dressed accordingly. sweater: Antropologie, found at Goodwill; dress: gift from a friend; turquoise tights and sparkly fishnets: Target; shoes: Softee; belt: Pinkyotto
In my book (which would be titled "The Annoying Ramblings of an Insane Art Teacher"), this week goes down as pretty stinkin' awesome. The weather was stellar what with super warm temps all week (I'm overriding that rainy Thursday because the other days made up for it). The kids were pin-drop quiet all week as they intently glazed their adorable clay animals. And, my favorite, the teachers and staff at our school were treated like royalty by the fabulous parents of our students. You see, it was Teacher Appreciation Week and, believe you me (is that not the weirdest saying ever?), me and my full belly feel very appreciated. Thank you, mamas and papas!

Because it was such a fun week, I thought I'd share with you the highlights instead of my flavor-of-the-week artist. Since I'm totally out of the techie loop, I don't have instagram so we'll call these insta-cam shots. Meaning I took 'em with my camera, downloaded them and posted them here. So I guess there was nothing "insta" about it. Okay, scratch that, these here are my gradual-cam photos. Enjoy!
I didn't post an "In the Art Room" this week because we are all in the middle of some project. Namely these here ceramic animals. This is an example by one of my fourth grade students. They were to create a dog or cat sculpture on a base with the freedom to add whatever they wanted to enhance their sculpture. I love the expression on this dogs face. I'm looking forward to seeing how they look when they come out of the glaze firing.
Professional Tuesday: So our school was going through something called an accreditation process and the big day was Tuesday. Knowing I'd have visitors in my room, I decided to tone it down just a pinch. Coral fishnets and matching shoes is professional, right? dress: Anthropologie, found at Goodwill; belt: Anthropologie; tights: dunno; shoes: Dolls by Nina
A fellow art teacher out of Connecticut sent me this amazing stash of vintage patterns! Can you believe this awesomeness? My fingers are itching to create that dress on the bottom right...thank you so much!
One Hot Wednesday: Seriously, at one point, we hit 80 this week. Which quickly dropped down to 40 but still, crazy! dress: vintage, Adjectives Market; bow belt: DIY by me; fishnets: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
My kindergarten and first grade students created their animals from an upside down pinch pot. I love how carefully this little artist is painting those wide blue eyes!
Here Comes the Rain Thursday: Tons of it. So I decided to bust out my new-to-me-from-San-Francisco coat and make the most of it. coat: Anna Sui, found at second-hand clothing shop Wasteland; dress: vintage, from St. Louis; boots: Hunter, ebay; fishnets: TJMaxx
So I have this standing date with the local coffee house and Anthropologie once a week. It usually entails me meeting up with a friend for tea, chatting it up and then taking the short walk to Anthropologie. I love this relaxing/catching up with buddies part of my week. I also love that I can now take photos inside of Anthro! Gonna have to make me a coupla these...
Friday!: So good to see you!  I just realized that everything I'm wearing is new-to-me...meaning it was all purchased at thrift stores or second hand shops. Sweet! sweater: Anthro, found at Buffalo Exchange; dress: vintage, found at Goodwill; fishnets: Target; shoes: Miss L Fire, Anthropologie

Saturday was a packed day for hubs and I: we ate at our new favorite spot, Blue Fig; did our 8 mile hike; treated ourselves to three scoops of ice cream; and hit up two Goodwills. Which is where I scored these amazing records! I cannot wait to get these framed and up in my sewing room. Or bathroom. Not sure which.

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