Sunday, February 2, 2014

What the Art Teacher Wore #88

Too Chilly for this Hill-billy Monday: Dude, at the start of the week it was beyond cold. Like, in the single digits. You'd think having grown up in Indiana, I'd be able to handle that scandal. I mean, I remember walking to classes on my college campus (go, I.U.!) and having my eyes freeze shut each time I blinked. Can't handle the cold scandal any more, ya'll! sweater: Anthro, last year; skirt: vintage, thrifted; tights and scarf: Target; shoes: Dolls by Nina
This weekend my house became a Potpourri of Putrid Smells. It all started on Saturday, when a certain cat who shall remain unnamed (ahem, that fat thing's name is Asha but she'll also answer to anything that resembles the sound of one opening a bag of cat food) decided to throw up approximately half her body wait down the...wait for it...heating vent. Yeah. Needless to say, our house had a lovely Hot Cat Vomit scent until late last night...when that smell was overtaken by the odor of an army of pissed off skunks who reside under our deck. Just when I was finally able to breathe again, hubs informs me that said Vent-Vomiter placed a dead mouse under our bed. GEESH. The Animal Kingdom is out to get us!

Okay. I need to Let. It. Go. Deep breathing, inhale -- ACK!! I STILL TASTE SKUNK! -- exhale, exhale, EX-FREAKING-HALE. 

Alright, forget that breathing business. Let's focus on something else, shall we?
Who has their book and is ready to DRAW?! I'm so excited, several of you have already started posting your drawings here. Please feel free to join the Artsy Book Club even if you don't plan to post your work or even read the book. You can join simply by "liking" the page. I set the official start date for Monday, February 3rd but I was so inspired by those of you that have already begun that I did the first drawing task today: A Still Life with a fine tipped pen. Follow the linky-loo to see some still life drawings already posted.
I thought I'd share with you today an artist that I discovered during those cold days at Indiana University: Isabel Bishop. I've always considered Bishop to be one of my favorite artists. I love her intimate narratives, her unique way of capturing color and atmosphere (there just seems to be so much AIR in her paintings) and, of course, I love the retro appeal. Bishop began her career as an illustrator but quickly switched to paint as her medium of choice.
Tidying Up, oil on masonite, 1941
Again, Fuh-fuh-freeezing! Tuesday: I believe I did the penguin waddle a half dozen times that day. dotted shirt: Old Navy; dotted dress: Target; sweater and shoes: thrifted
At the Noon Hour, 1935; Lunch Hour, 1939.  I love the moments that Bishop chose to capture. Just everyday snapshots of young women in New York City. If these were created today, I supposed at least one if not both women would be absorbed by their phones or taking selfies. But that's just a guess.
A Sweater with Built-in Mittens! Wednesday: I was so excited when I thrifted this Anthro sweater. I love the pockets! Also, did you happen to notice those huge brush paintings behind me? $2 at an estate sale this summer. I cannot wait to go estate saling again, one of my fave things to do. skirt: old, The Gap; tights: Anthro; boots: Lucky Brand bought at Marshall's
Friends, 1942
Feelin' Vintage-y Thursday: I've had this wool dress since my I.U. days...unfortunately, it's not lined. By the end of the day, I can't seem to get outta this wool number fast enough. sweater: Anthro, thrifted; dress: vintage; shoes: Anthro

Two Girls with a Book

"Finally, You're Weird Again!" Friday: Apparently I've been dressing pretty tame lately as this was said to me by a 3rd grader. Which was quickly followed by a debate by two kindergarten friends who couldn't decide if I was 14 or 23. I'll take either, thank you very much. sweater: vintage, thrifted; skirt and tights: Target
I can't seem to find the title of this painting so I apologize. However, I had to include it, I just love it. I attempted to create a series of people-taking-coats-off paintings in college inspired by Isabel Bishop. Don't you love her sketch-painting style?
Isabel Bishop, painted by Alice Neel, 1974. If you aren't familiar with Alice Neel's portraits, you outta be. I think I'll have to feature her sometime. Her work is awesome.

And here's my wee sketch. This was today's first drawing task: A Still Life. I chose the counter top in my bathroom. So looking forward to filling my sketchbook with drawings! Hope you'll join the fun!


  1. First of all - that pink penguin sweater - LOVE. Absolutely love. And second - Alice Neel - she's absolutely the BEST! Simply fabulous!

    Now, about the cat vomit, the skunk odor, and the mouse - there's no question in my mind what my response would be. A hotel. For a WEEK. And I'd be moving permanently if the mouse thing happened again. I'd be shopping for a new home. I'm seriously rodent-phobic.

  2. So feeling your skunk pain!!! We had one that would visit nightly in the shrubs outside our (ground floor) bedroom window at our old house... when a neighborhood cat would corner him we would get full on skunk assault in our sleep! We would wake up gagging with burning throats! ( we didn't have air conditioning in that house so our windows were open to just the screens 24/7 in the summer) But then again the cat puke deal sounds pretty nasty also! How the @$#%^%$ do you clean up that?!

  3. Thanks for sharing Isabel Bishop…her paintings are like snapshots….also love Alice Neel! Always love your outfits!

  4. the painting you couldn't identify is actually a portrait of Bishop by Neel!


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