Thursday, April 10, 2014

DIY: A Calligraphy Scarf by Lisa Beynon

Hey, ya'll! When I saw an art teacher buddy post an amazing DIY Calligraphy Scarf on Facebook recently, I asked her if she'd share the details in a blog post. Because, not only is it awesome but it's also awesomely simple as she'll break it down for you. Take it away, Lisa!
I wanted an article of clothing to go with a calligraphy lesson that I teach. I love using text as a texture in paintings,  art journals, drawings, etc. so I thought why not fabric? And I love scarves, so why not a scarf?
  1. The first thing I did was get about a ¾ of a yard of fabric. Any fabric will do. But I recommend testing the fabric with a permanent marker to make sure there is minimal marker bleed.

  2. Lay fabric flat and write desired quote, passage, song lyrics on fabric with a permanent marker. Just remember to try to evenly space the lines of text ( I chose M.J.’s “Thriller”.)

    3. My fabric was square, and it wasn’t going to wrap around my neck how I wanted, so I cut the fabric in half and sewed the two rectangles together lengthwise. Then fold long rectangle in half inside out, and sew up the longest side.
    4. Measure the length around your neck to your desired length.  You can flip it right side out, and sew the edges for a traditional scarf, or make sure the length of the scarf will wrap around your head twice for an infinity scarf. Then tuck in one side of the scarf to the other and sew for continuos circle.

    I ended up chopping off a bit of fabric because it was longer than I like.
    My students got a kick out of it, and just solidified why they love me so much…errr why they think I’m the weirdest!
    Lisa Beynon teaches art to some super lucky high schoolers in Genoa, Illinois. Please let Lisa know how awesome she is in the comments below, I know she'd love to hear from you. And if you're really feeling spunky, get to crackin' on your own Calligraphy Scarf this weekend, email it to me and I'll share it here!

    Thank you, Lisa!


  1. Love text on textiles! Thanks for sharing.:D

  2. This will be a great project for me over the summer! Love it!

  3. Great idea Lisa. Thanks for the step-by-step.

  4. a.) excellent choice in song, lisa! b.) i know where genoa is!! i drove through it just last week :)


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