Sunday, April 6, 2014

What the Art Teahcer Wore: What Some OTHER Art Teachers Wore

If you aren't reading Jena Love's blog, you really should be. She's adorable, energetic and, well, just look at her in her handmade Captain Color ensemble, she's amazing! I met Jena at NAEA and I can tell she's a crazily dressed kindred spirit. Check out her blog and let her know how rad she is!

Hey, ya'll! This week, instead of snapping photos of what I wore (which, by the way, involved me wearing camouflage pants on Wednesday for a supposed Duck Dynasty Day that, well, wasn't. Hard to imagine, right? Even harder to live down. Full story in an upcoming post) I thought I'd share with ya'll some other AMAZING art teachers in their super fun artsy get ups. These photos were shared with me by these teachers for the Best Dressed Art Teacher Contest! 

What's the Best Dressed Art Teacher Contest, you ask? 
Well, here's the details:

Nominate yourself or an art teacher buddy!

Simply send an email to me at with a photo of your best artsy look. High resolution photos preferred, please.

 Please include a short bio about the art teacher and what inspired the look.

Photos and bio will be shared on this blog on April 30th.

Open voting on this blog will end on May 5th and the winner will be announced May 6th!

The winner will receive a magical prize along with an interview on this blog.

So far, these awesome art teachers (and a handful of others!) have sent me some photos...but I know that there are many more of you Crazy Art Teachers out there. Why not share your special bit of crazy with the world (or the 20 or so folks that read this blog -- hi, mom!). It has made opening up my email hilariously fun, ya'll! So, c'mon, what are you waiting for?! 

Bob Ross, er, Don Masse (of Shine Bright Zamorano fame) did! I've secretly been lifting ideas from Don's blog for ages...and was totally jealous to hear that he gave a tour of his school and such at NAEA! I think he makes a pretty great Bob, don't you think? Just wait till I share with you his other get up! 'Til then, check out Don's blog, he's an incredible art educator and a super nice dude.
Look, it's Phyl (There's a Dragon in my Art Room, ya'll. Check it)! Okay, so you know all those t-shirts you get at each and every conference? Well, Phyl's been hoarding them for ages (a girl after my own heart, truly!) and finally decided to appliqué them all together on a dress! She wore this one day at the conference and got so many compliments. 
Phyl goes into all the details of how she created this dress-terpiece in this blog post. It's funny, I have a mountain of teacher t-shirts that I've been wondering what to do with...and now I know! 
Kids, meet Lisa Beynon who teaches art to high schoolers in rural Illinois. She created that magical scarf she is wearing (a click on the photo should bring it up a little larger for you to see) with calligraphy writing as she's teaching a unit on, wait for it, calligraphy! I love this scarf so much that I've asked Lisa the details of this super cute DIY which she'll do later this week. Thank ya, Lisa! 

Alrighty, friends! There you have it, some Crazy Art Teachers doing what we do best -- having fun and teaching creatively. Love to see what you wear in your art room! Until then, go put some clothes on and teach art!


  1. Wow- I didn't even recognize Don! Awesomeness! I sure miss Bob Ross.

    1. I know, he looks hilarious, doesn't he?! He makes a good Bob :)

    2. I love to pretend that I still have hair;)

  2. I love Bob Ross! I need to get more creative!

  3. AN ART TEACHER FASHION SHOW! This is just great. Just added a few new blogs to my reader!

  4. woooooo go LISA! <3

  5. I can't wait to see more! Such a fun idea, Cassie.


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