Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What I Wore #94 and Adventures in San Diego!

Coronado Beach at the Del Coronado Hotel in Sunny California: Wish I could say I stayed at this lovely place but at close to $500 a night, that's just a wee bit outta my teacher budget. The most I could manage was a $6 single scoop of ice cream whilst soaking up the sun on the beach. dress: vintage; sunglasses: Target; sunflower sweater: thrifted DIY, details heresunflower tights: amazon
 Ya'll, I'm not gonna lie. It was super hard coming back to home and school after several amazing days in sunny San Diego. In fact, I can hardly remember what life was like before San Diego. It's like all those sun rays, amazing sessions and fun experiences meeting old-new friends zapped my brain. But in this post, Ima gonna try! And I thought I'd share with you just a handful of my favorite moments at NAEA.
 The Beginning of a Crazy Week Monday: There was a lot that went down last week and I was really worried I'd not be able to manage it all. I kinda did...but just barely. I thought my outfit should reflect my crazy week ahead. sweater: old, Anthro; dress: vintage, Buffalo Exchange; tights: Target; necklace: The Paper Source; hair clip: made by me; shoes: Dolls by Nina
 Field Trippin' Tuesday: Do art field trips stress you out as much as they do me?! I usually have nightmares that the kids are going to morph into an unruly mob that storms the museum and eats the artwork. Thankfully, that didn't happen this time and we had an awesome time exploring The Frist Center for Visual Arts. dress: Anthro, found at Buffalo Exchange; blouse: gift; boots and belt: Anthro; necklace: DIY by me
Sharpen Your Pencils Wednesday: After buying this dress, I coulda kicked myself as I think I coulda totally felted it! I mean, I did something similar here...but sometimes it's nice just to splurge. And, being polyester, I don't have to worry about ironing the thang! sweater and shoes: thrifted; dress:; tights: Target
 School Carnival Thursday: Because I'm a glutton for punishment AND whipped cream, I volunteered to pull a double shift in the pie-in-your-face booth at our school carnival. Now, you're SUPPOSED to sit behind some plastic curtain and poke your head through, but where's the fun in that?! So I donned my Disney rain poncho, my shower cap and googles and let the kids fire away. 
 And they got me pretty good! Now you'd think whipped cream would be tasty but it starts to smell like spoiled milk the minute it hits skin. Nastiness!
 Off to Sunny San Diego Friday!: I was so lucky to travel and room with two of the most fun art teachers I know (hey Rebecca and Allison!). We had such a great time together! dress: Modcloth; tights: gift; boots: Lucky Brand
 Man. I seriously could go conferencin for a livin if it looked like this. San Diego, I loves you!
Me and my super fun roomies who are both incredible art teachers in Nashville. They teach at the same school and have so much fun that I wish I taught with them!
Super Saturday: Of course, I was totally starstruck for a good portion of the trip. I mean, look who I'm surrounded by! My fave bloggers and pinners! Starting from the left, there's Phyl from There's a Dragon in my Art Room, Patty from Deep Space Sparkle, Rina of K6Art, and Donna Staten, the Pinterest Queen! Each of these ladies was so delightful, meeting them totally made my trip.
 I was so happy to sit and chat with Phyl. We share A LOT of the same views on teaching so it's like talking to myself. Which I do anyway but this was way better because no one stopped and stared.
Seriously Awesome Sunday: I started my day presenting on a carousel concerning art advocacy on the elementary art level. I was so happy to be carrousellin' with (left to right) Nancy Walkup, SchoolArts editor, art teacher/tech-guru extraordinary Tricia Fuglestad and STEM/STEAM advocate, Christine Besack.

 One of my favorite parts of the day was the Blogger Meet and Greet hosted by The Art of Education.  These are folks that I feel such a virtual connection it was awesome to meet them in person. Not to mention meeting all the amazing art teachers who dropped by to say hello! I feel like I'm coming home with a buncha friends in my suitcase. In the back, from left to right is Ian Sands (Art of Apex High School), Jessica Balsley (founder of AOE), Donna Staten - pinterest queen!, Ted Edinger (Mr. E),  and Amy Zschaber (Artful Artsy Amy). In the front row from left to right is Nic Hahn of Mini Matisse, Rina, Phyl and Tracy (Don't Drink the Paint Water).
 Daw, look how super cute and retro Nic Hahn looks! I have a feeling I could sit and chat with this girl all day (I mean, look at those earrings!). Sadly we didn't have much of a chance -- next time!
 Isn't Amy Z so super cute?! She has so bright and happy, I am certain her students adore her and her energy.
Flowers from Old Town: Coming home was so hard...but I missed the hubs and the cat. Oh! And my students. I think it just might take me several days to really digest all that I learned...but when I do, I'll be certain to share it with you. Until then!


  1. Great post!!! I love seeing all the highlights. . . I really really really want to hear about the great presentations, but i know everyone must be exhausted!!!! But I'll be here reading and commenting whenever you all do have time to digest:) and get over your San Diego art hangover.

  2. What beautiful pictures! I grew up in Coronado and wish I could have made it to the conference! Can't want to hear more about how much fun it was!

  3. One big awesome time! Love that last dress from Modcloth!

  4. I've never been to an NAEA convention and seeing all the posts like this from this year made me fired up to go next time around, and thank goodness it will be in my neck of the woods, New Orleans! Airplanes and me are not a good mix...
    Glad it was a great trip for you!

  5. This is kind of a silly question, but what do you mean by carousel? I'm picturing a bunch of art teachers bouncing around on plastic horses, each saying a sentence or two as they pass by the people watching.... but that's probably not it/

    1. kelsey, that was totally it! what a crazy ride;)

    2. Ha! I did ask Nancy Walkup that when she first mentioned it to me! She was all, "um, not so much"...hehe!

  6. Loved following you all on Social Media. The hardest part of a conference is getting ready to go and coming back to real life!

  7. Hi Cassie! NAEA San Diego was awesome, and I am still recovering, even though I'm a local. It was wonderful meeting you and all my online art ed friends. I loved your carousel. 'Teach Like a Pirate' -the book you recommended- arrived from Amazon today.

  8. Hello Cassie!

    I love what you do and what you wear! ♥
    You bring colour and fun in my life. I also love art and it's amazing how you show it in your dresses. I know, my english is very bad. I hope you understand! ;-)

    Best wishes,


  9. Can I just say how JEALOUS I am? I was home here in the Seattle area…spent Saturday trying a couple of different ways to varnish student papier mache… only to WRECK them because the spray varnish dried CLOUDY because it was too damp (raining all day) and cold!! With all the re-doing supplies, I could have bought a plane ticket to sunny CA….

    Seriously, looks like a great time to be together with lots of talented and dedicated teachers. Can't wait to hear more about it from you and fellow bloggers. :D

  10. Cassie thanks for all the posts. Love keeping up with you guys. Glad you all had the opportunity to go to San Diego. I use to go, and miss all the fuss. Fuss being all the artists in one place. Hope to see you this summer at Belmont.

  11. I'm loving these pictures over and over again! One question - how did you go barefootin' in the ocean with those gorgeous tights on? Love the flower shot -I never made it to Old Town. I guess a return trip might be necessary!

  12. Hey! Blog stalking today, and I just HAD to order that colored pencil dress! Good thing we wont run into each other till the next NAEA. ;)


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