Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DIY: A(nother) Monet Dress

If y'all follow me here, then you've seen the snaps of this Monet dress in progress. It's my second tribute to ole Monet (that was more of my spring line and what you see here is from my summer collection [I'm hoping you read that in your most uppity voice as that's how I typed it]) and it seemed just the thing to stitch up on these 90 degree/boiling-inferno/hotter-than-the-underarm-of-a-construction-worker days we've been having here in lovely Tennessee. 
By the way, someone once asked me why I'm so smiley in my DIY photos. It's not so much a smile of happiness as it is surprise. Like, "Holy crap, y'all! Can you believe I made this?! Like, with a sewing machine and not a hot glue gun although, at times, I think that mightah been easier!" Therefore, I smile. 
I used my trusty vintage McCall's 6221 (which is available on etsy, y'all! It's a simple dress and so cute. Git yerself here and scoop it up!). This is my third time sewing with this pattern. You can see my other attempts here (OMG, I totes forgot about those cat shoes!) and here (that time I almost burned the house down with...banana bread. Sigh). I even lined this dress because, hey, I was feeling fancy. And the pattern makes it so simple and-and, I feel like a grown up sewer when the flip side of my dress looks as snazzy as the outside. The fabric, sigh, isn't it presh? I picked it up from Joann's a while back. I was just there the other day and they still had some. It's out on their website but I bet if you called their stores they could help ya out.   
I did a full 30 seconds of googling in an attempt to find what Monet painting the print was inspired by. The palette is closer to that Cliffs at Amont, 1885 painting on the left although the theme looks more like that dealio on the right. Maybe I should find out zactly before I wear this to school and introduce Monet to los kiddos.
 SooooOOOooo, in true Cassie-fashion, I got ALMOST done with this dress and was all, meh. I don't need no stinkin' bows. But I forced myself kicking and screaming to add them. I'm so "almost to the finish line, think I'll break for a Twinkie", it's kinda pathetic. But not this time! And I'm happy I did because, BOWS ARE ADORBS. 

Except these bows have this bad habit of tickling the back of my upper arm. They are in a weird place and I'm constantly swatting at myself. Which doesn't warrant weird looks from strangers AT.ALL.
Yeah, pretty much. 
I shared with Asha today my new dress as she's my only company. This was the reaction I got. And I wasn't even swatting at myself! Such a harsh critic. 

Meanwhile, in Asha-land, here's how she pictures herself in a Monet...
Reality is, that crotch-licker would prolly look more like this in a Monet (by the way, if you've not seen 17 Classic Works Improved by a Fat Ginger Cat THEN YOU'VE NOT LIVED, FRIEND). 
In other news...I starting filming some short clips for our Skirt Sew Along (you can join here for minute-by-minute updates [I kid. Try weekly.])! I'll be back later this week on how to read your pattern package in order to determine you size and what you need to purchase. I'm so excited about sewing with y'all! Until then!

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  1. This fabric is glorious, and I LOVE the bows! I'm definitely hitting up my local JoAnns to see if I can find some! I love the pink belt with it too!

    1. Thank you! And to think I almost didn't add the bows out of pure laziness...good thing I forced myself to do it! :)

  2. Hi Cassie, I love the dress and the fabric! I've tried to find that pattern in a larger size--but no luck so far! Anyway, I have a question for you--I'm the lucky recipient of some grant money to start a sewing program at my elem. school and I need to purchase 8-10 sewing machines to get started. I've been looking and researching and I wondered if you could tell me what kind of sewing machines you use at school? I think very basic would be best, but also kid friendly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! My email is ccooney@cpopschool.com if you'd rather not respond here.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Cindy! Lucky you! I'll shoot you an email with my sewing machine suggestions now :)

  3. This is cute and sophisticated at the same time! Great job!! (I'm here from Heather's. looking forward to poking around a bit :-) (And I need those shoes!)
    ~ Tracy

  4. I love this so much! It makes me happy to look at.

  5. so beautiful! Personally I love the big happy smile - so much more appealing than the downcast look which seems to be in at the mo.... And your cat is adorable:) as is your -garden? porch? those lovely colourful planters and flowers look amazing as a background for this lovely dress (and those shoes!) and thanks for me reminding me of those ginger cat pics - nice way to start my monday :)

  6. I have just ONE QUESTION....how the hell do you stay clean in all of your lovely outfits? I too am an art teacher and I can't stay clean for the life of me. Thank god for my apron or lab coat or everything I have would be ruined.


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