Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY: A Prom Zombie Dress

Lil known fact: Halloween is the most celebrated holiday at Casa de Cassie. Not cuz we decorate all crazy-like (although the hubs' secret dream is to operate his own haunted house. Dream job goals, y'all. We all got 'em!). No, it's because we absolutely love going to haunted housing events with our fave being Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights.

Opening weekend was this past weekend and we were extra stoked because this year is the 25th year they've been running Halloween Horror Nights outta Orlando. Which could only mean one thing: tons more scariness. This year did not disappoint with nine haunted houses, most based on Universal flicks: The Purge, Insidious, Freddy vs. Jason, American Werewolf in London and others based on the Walking Dead and other spooky themes. Between walking from one haunted house to the next, there are themed areas called scare zones. So, in short, you are constantly being chased by scary chainsaw wielding maniacs. For example...
 Mitch (the hubs) was all, "Hey! You need photos for your blog. Just stand riiiiiiiight there and smile." 
Me: Are you done yet? Pretty sure that's enough photos. For realz. WHY ARE YOU STILL TAKING PHOTOS, WHAT'S BEHIND ME?
This lovely new friend of mine was just one of the awesome scare actors in the Shady Acres scare zone where the concept was inmates from the local asylum had escaped. Turns out she just wanted to show off her chain saw handling skillz...on my face.

Just a short clip to give you more of an idea. No videos or photos are allowed in the haunted houses...after all, you're there to "enjoy" them, not film 'em. But take my word for it, they were super scary.
 Now y'all might know that I've sewn and created my share of Halloween ensembles like this Day of the Dead number and this one, this Monster-Mash mash-up, these Haunted Mansion pants, this Universal Studios Horror Flick dress and this Bewitched dress. And every year, I say the same stinkin' thing: I'M NOT GONNA MAKE ANOTHER HALLOWEEN OUTFIT. But then, I spotted that there Alexander Henry Zombies! fabric at JoAnn's and I was like, fine! Just take all my moneys! Since I needed to bust this dress out quick, I settled on that vintage McCall's 6221. If it looks familiar to y'all, that's cuz I've made a Monet dress, a Valentine's Day number and a Barbecue frock with it. 

After that super scary night, we went to Disney's Not-So-Scary event. Now, I might be a lil biased because I'm kinda bananaz for Disney but this event was so great! Families get all dressed up and trick or treat at the various treat-giving locations. Also, ALL of the characters are out for you to get your photo with. What that meant for us was that most folks were so busy with the candy and the photo ops that they weren't in line for the rides. We had a 5 minute wait on Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and The Haunted Mansion which, if you've ever been to any Disney, you know that's unheard of.
The maids of the Haunted Mansion (my absolute favorite-est ride with It's a Small World coming in at a close second) were decked out and so fun to chat with. I love how they immediately snapped into character when they realized Mitch was snapping photos!
 Boom! Nailed it! 
They also had tons of scare-actors out and about! There was this fabulous ghost story teller outside of the Haunted Mansion that was a total riot. And a traveling troupe of Civil War ghosts who sang western tunes acapella. But the parade and the fireworks were my fave.
But the best thing was getting to eat at Be Our Guest. Y'all. It's like Mission Impossible to get a reservation here. But right before we left our hotel, Mitch decided to all them on a whim and ask if they had anything available. The hostess informed us that they'd just had one spot open up! I enjoyed dining in there so much that I didn't even think to snap a single photo but you can see more of the place here
Oh, look! Mitch and I posing in front of obnoxiously phallic tikis! Thank you for letting me blabber on about our lil scary-cation and show off my Zombie print dress. Y'all are the best.  photo signature_zpsd10b3273.png


  1. stunning dress, it looks fabulous (adore all your photos - looks like great fun)

  2. I so want to go to Disney's Halloween!!! Great photos! Love that dress!!

  3. Muhaha, that girl with chainsaw behind you. Nice and funny pictures :)

  4. Anonymous9/24/2015

    You can never have too many Cassie style Halloween frocks. Fab frock! Selina

    1. This is becoming very true! I needs to stoooooop!

  5. I love this dress so much I could smoosh your face. Fantastic.

  6. I made this dress with a fabric with wine bottles and glasses all over it... and wore it to... wait for it... a WINE TASTING! Yeah, if I had a dollar for every comment! LOL

  7. I went over this website and I believe you have a lot of wonderful information, saved to my bookmarks


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