Tuesday, April 5, 2016

In the Art Room: Exciting News!

Tennessee Art Scouts is SOLD OUT!
Ohio Art Scouts still available, go here to register!

Exciting news, all y'all art teacherin' types! Me and fellow art teacherin' troop leaders Laura Lohmann, Ginger Pacer and Jennifer Alvarado are calling YOU to join Art Scouts! Listen here and learn more...
Are you as excited as we are?! Just imagine: two days packed with enough clay projects, painting lessons, printmaking activities and sewing -n- weaving fun to set your art curriculum for the entire school year. All projects will be geared toward those who teach kindergarten through eighth grade art. Our theme for this two day adventure will be nature which will tie perfectly in with science, social studies and math (that's right, y'all. We're gonna get all kinds of STEAM-y!).
So, how do you sign up? Simply contact me and let me know you are interested (and if you have any questions) at cassieart75@gmail.com. Unfortunately, we can only host 50 of y'all  scouts, so lemme know as soon as you can. Now let's chat about those art teacherin' badges you'll earn...
When I was a kid, summers were my time to explore all things fiber-artsy. At church camps, I learned to weave; at my grandma's house, I learned to embroider and at vacation bible school, I stitched the ugliest pillow that I was so stinkin' proud of. Kids simply love fiber arts but it's often a lost art in the art room. Let's bring it back by introducing our young artists to the math, science and social studies behind weaving, stitching, embroidery and more! If you're new to sharing this art with your students, have no fear. With this intense two day camp, you'll definitely earn your fiber artsyin' badge as well as the confidence to share with your students. 
Truth or Dare Time...TRUTH: I once completely melted down a kiln. I remember it like it was yesterday: having never taken a ceramics class in college, it was just expected that I'd know how to operate this super expensive piece of machinery. After a coworker quickly showed me how to turn it on, I left for the day...only to return to find that all the pieces in the kiln had melted. It looked like a kiln full of melted marshmallows! I had never had a panic attack until that day (I immediately lost sight in one eye...and then my lunch). My incident cost the school a pretty penny and made me realize how little we actually know about what it is we are supposed to be experts on.

All THAT to say, twenty art teacherin' years later, me and my troop leaders know plenty-a-thang about teaching all things clay! We'll walk you thru some awesome clay projects that scaffold on student learning. No kiln? No problem! These projects will be centered around both kiln-fired and air-dry clays. Not to mention some unique alternatives to glazing. And, I promise, the only marshmallows you'll see will be the kind you can eat!
Okay, not sure if you know this or not, but Laura Lohmann is thee painting guru in our troop. I have been a huge fan and follower of her blog for years. It wasn't until meeting and getting to know her last summer at a week long arts camp that I discovered what an amazing art educator she is! You'll learn all of her incredible painted paper tips and tricks that can be applied to your art teacherin' lesson plans.
Don't let the image fool you: we're gonna take printmaking beyond the brayer, y'all. Get ready to discover unique and unusual methods of printmaking (marker prints! gelatin printing! collagraphs! foam carving!) and learn how to manage the mess without losing your mind. Printmaking is a magical experience that all of your students will love. 

Now, let's meet those troop leaders!
Laura Lohmann of Painted Paper in the Art Room is an awesome art teacherin' super star. I was a huge fan of hers before even meeting her because her projects always left me shaking my head and waving clenched fists at the sky thinking, "How are her kids creating such magnificent masterpieces?!" Well, y'all are gonna get a front row, badge-earning seat to find out just how she does it. You'll be amazed at how ingenious and easy her teaching technique is!
If you just pop on over to Ginger Pacer's blog Paintbrush Rocket and watch some of the bird's-eye view videos of her kids creating, you'll be sold on what an art teacherin' super star she is. I am always amazed at the creative projects Ginger dreams up from huge murals painted to sweet woven pouches, she covers it all! Not to mention, her mama was an art teacher so she comes from good art teacherin' stock, y'all!
Art teacher and instagram'er Jennifer Alvarado is one of the most warm and happy people I know and it shows in everything she teaches. I am always in awe of the bright and colorful pieces her students create that cover the walls of her school. Jennifer is one of those people who has a genuine love for both her "kiddos" and their art education. You'll be inspired by her energy and enthusiasm...I know I always am!
So! Do you have what it takes to be an Art Scout? Are you ready to earn your art teacherin' badges? Trust me, it's going to be a wild, crazy and amazing two days of creating of mess and memory making. If you're up for the challenge, just shoot me an email to reserve your spot! 

See you real soon, Scouts!


  1. HOW EXCITING!!! I'm ready to earn some art teacherin' badges!

  2. Ok, where do I sign up? Oh, and would you like to add a little Tech to the day? I have a little experience with iPads to share.....

  3. HI! Please send info to ajnewman@auburnschools.org or threesistersphotography@hotmail.com. Thank you!!

  4. Anonymous4/05/2016

    I would love to attend please send info to rprobling@yahoo.com I would love to earn to art badges.

  5. Oh my goodness, I couldn't sleep, woke up and read this post! Oh my! Please send info to krivers@harnett.k12.nc.us. 50 people?! Ahhh, the one day I don't check Facebook ! (I posted this same comment on Facebook- just wanted to make sure you received this-sorry for the duplicate!) -it just sounds so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Please send info to kchughes55@yahoo.com. Sounds really great but I need dates and where this takes place.

  7. Sign me up! Sarah.medsker@sumnershools.org

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  9. I am a ready Girl Scout. On my honor. apimages @sbcglobal.net.

  10. I'm in! Send info to brandi_kilgore@iss.k12.nc.us YAY!

  11. Is there online accessibility??? i live in the land of Pennsylvania and can't get there for those two days. If not, that is totally fine! just wondering. candice.schwien@gmail.com

  12. I'm in too! Please send info to jvictoria@denver.k12.ia.us. THANK YOU!!! Excited!

  13. Please bring this to England UK :o)

  14. Something online would be spectacular! 😀

  15. Anonymous4/06/2016


  16. Anonymous4/07/2016

    Please send me info... Jhchristian1@bellsouth.net

    Jennifer Christian

  17. Anonymous4/08/2016

    This sounds FANTASTIC! However, I'll be attending a wedding in N. Carolina that same weekend. An online option would be great if you can swing it somehow?? :) Love your colorful, encouraging blog.

  18. YAY ART SCOUTS!!!i sent other comment by accident in engineer husbands google mail :( please sent me info on how to reserve.. for this hoot of an art weekend... Kara S email mka-sabs@cox.net

  19. Pam Edwards4/11/2016

    You are probably all full up!! But I would love to participate if there is still room.
    Please sign me up and I can be contacted at pamedwards@forsyth.k12.ga.us Thanks so much!


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